Excitement Builds as Euro 2016 Announces Ticket Prices

Expanded Tournament, 10 Cities, and Cheap Tickets Grant Great Access

James Thompson

Last week UEFA announced ticket prices for Euro 2016, which takes place in France from June 10 to July 10 next year. Tickets are reasonably priced for the group stages, the round of 16, and the quarterfinals. Prices are even more reasonable for Americans now that the U.S. Dollar is so strong compared to the Euro. (Although it’s off its peak levels, exchange rates are still in range of the best they’ve been in 10 years.) With Euro 2016 marking the first year of expansion to a 24-team format and 10 stadiums hosting games, it’s even easier to see games next summer in France.

Ticket sales begin with a lottery process that takes place after an application phase lasting from June 10 to July 10 of 2015. (You can create your account in advance of the application phase if you so choose.)

Tournament Overview

Euro 2016 features the 24 best countries in European soccer, who all qualified during preliminary rounds over the previous two years. The month-long tournament is considered second only to the World Cup in terms of International soccer tournaments. The 10 cities hosting Euro 2016 games are: Bordeaux, Lens, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Saint-Denis, Saint- Étienne, and Toulouse. Each city hosts at least four games, with Saint-Denis (just outside of Paris) hosting as many as seven games. Games are played almost every day for an entire month with only 8 calendar days not feature matches.


Pricing for Euro 2016 is as follows:

Opening Match:

  • Category 4: €75
  • Category 3: €195
  • Category 2: €395
  • Category 1: €595

Group Stage & Round of 16

  • Category 4: €25
  • Category 3: €55
  • Category 2: €105
  • Category 1: €145


  • Category 4: €45
  • Category 3: €85
  • Category 2: €135
  • Category 1: €195


  • Category 4: €65
  • Category 3: €165
  • Category 2: €295
  • Category 1: €495


  • Category 4: €85
  • Category 3: €295
  • Category 2: €595
  • Category 1: €895

The area for which each category falls varies by stadium, but some simple rules usually apply. Category 4 tickets are only sold to locals of the host country, so you won’t be able to access them unless you have residence in France. (Maybe now is time to reach out to some long lost family.) Category two tickets tend to fall in the areas behind the goal in the lower level. Category 3 tickets can sometimes work out to be lower level tickets as European soccer tickets are more expensive in the higher levels of the stadium.

It’s believed in Europe that being higher up allows you get the most out of your experience because you can truly see the play develop.

Ticket Types

UEFA is offering three different ticket types for the tournament. Fans can either apply for single game tickets, “destination” tickets, or “follow you team” tickets. “Destination” tickets allow fans to see two games at one specific stadium, allowing fans to concentrate on certain areas of the country. “Follow your team” tickets allow fans to follow a specific team throughout the tournament. These tickets only go on sale in December of 2015 once the draw has been decided. FIFA offers a ticketing FAQ to answer all your questions.