EUrail Scandinavia Pass: 1 Train Ticket, 3 Countries

Train Station in Sweden
Train Station in Sweden

The Bottom Line

The EUrail Scandinavia Pass offers you different lengths of train travel in Scandinavia. It's a flexible and reliable method of transportation in Scandinavia. The EUrail Scandinavia Pass (previously ScanRail Pass) covers Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland - and offers reasonable prices and multiple discounts.

  • Unlimited travel in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
  • Continous punctual 24h schedule between cities
  • Children travel free, or 50% off
  • Comes with other travel discounts
  • Easy online booking



  • Several types of tickets get you the lowest-priced pass available to you. Includes sightseeing discounts.
  • Train travel offer for kids at 50% off, or free for toddlers.
  • Trains in Scandinavia are very punctual and offer extensive schedules.
  • Leaves you much more flexible than regular train tickets.

Guide Review - EUrail Scandinavia Pass: 1 Train Ticket, 3 Countries

The EUrail Select Pass lets you hop on and off Scandinavian trains for 4 to 10 days within a 2-month period, on a single train ticket. The train travel days don't have to be consecutive, so the EUrail Scandinavia Pass lets you stay very flexible. I like it also because it lets you go wherever you want, for one price.

Numerous discounts make the EUrail Pass a favorite for me and many other Scandinavia travelers, e.g. discounts on local bus transportation and admission for museums and other attractions.

Getting the EUrail Select Pass you need: Simply take a look at the EUrail Pass options and pick the number of countries you want to visit, and the length of your trip. You can also get a train pass for a single country only.

If you're under 25, you can get a low-priced Youth Ticket, Kids under 4 can go on the train for free. Between 4 and 11, kids only cost 50%. And the best offer among train passes: A Saver pass is available for 2 or more people that are traveling together at all times.

For EU residents: The EUrail Passes are for visitors from outside the EU. EU residents should purchase InterRail train tickets which are very similar to EUrail tickets. They're available at European train stations near you.

For Eurail tickets you can choose between the following Pass Types:

  • The Eurail Global Pass: The Eurail Global Pass allows a passenger to visit "24 countries" (actually 25; Eurail counts Ireland and Northern Ireland as one country) throughout Europe, and see them in any order. Countries in the Eurail system that are not available on the Global Pass are Montenegro, Poland, and Serbia.
  • Then, there is the Select Pass: The Eurail Select Pass provides the flexibility to plan a trip and also comes with the most options. When picking a Select Pass, passengers can choose from 3, 4, or 5 bordering countries for 5 to 15 travel days.
  • Or, just get a Regional Pass: The Eurail Regional Passes combine two bordering countries. The passes offer the ability to concentrate a European adventure within a specific region. This is especially nice for combining two of the Scandinavian countries, such as Norway and Sweden.
  • The minimum is a One Country Pass: The Eurail One Country Pass is for exploring a single country or area. The passes are valid for one month, but the number of travel days available depends on the country.
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