Eurail France-Spain Train Pass

How much does it cost and is it worth the money?

Train station of Toledo, Spain

The Eurail France-Spain allows for up to 10 days travel in France and Spain, Europe's two most popular tourist destinations. There are different prices for adults, groups, and under-25s.

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The Eurail pass is now a much better deal since the new Barcelona to Paris non-stop high-speed train route opened.

Is the Eurail France-Spain Pass Good Value?

The best use of a Eurail France-Spain Pass is for the longest of journeys in France and Spain, with more journeys in France than in Spain. 

If traveling from Seville to Madrid, from Madrid to Barcelona and then from Barcelona to Paris, all of these routes now being served by excellent high-speed services, you'll get your money's worth, as tickets on these trains are quite expensive.

The cheapest version of the Eurail France-Spain Pass, covering four days of unlimited travel over a two month period, will cost you about $91 per day of travel, while the 10-Day Pass will set you back $62 per day. If you are under 26, these prices drop dramatically, with the top range ticket costing just $47 dollars per day of travel.

You need to reserve your seat on Spanish trains, which adds to your travel costs. Reservations in other countries aren't always necessary but they are often advisable.

If you are going to be starting in Paris, the trip to the south of France alone will normally cost half the price of a Four-Day Pass. But you will have to think carefully about how many journeys you are going to make - the 10 journey ticket is excellent value but compels you to a lot of journeys.

If you are going to be in northern France, you may be tempted to go to Belgium, Holland or Germany - with this pass you can't. In that case, you may want to consider the Eurailpass Flex or the Eurail Selectpass.