Essentials for New Reno Residents

Resources You Need to Settle Down in Reno, Nevada

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When you are a new Reno resident, finding the basic services quickly helps you become more comfortable. Here are the essential services and information you will need to help make Reno / Tahoe your new home.

Finding a Place to Live in Reno / Tahoe

Get Reno / Tahoe housing information, whether you are buying or renting.
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Getting a Job

Reno / Tahoe has a diversified economy and strong job market.

Turn on Utilities

Get phone, power, water, internet, garbage, sewer, and other services new residents need to have turned on.

Reno / Tahoe Shopping

You need to know where the stores are that have what new residents need.

Reno / Tahoe Government, City Services, Voting, Taxes

City, county, and Nevada state governments all offer services new residents need to know.

Registering Your Vehicles

If it has wheels and travels public highways, you will need to pay a visit to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. Branches called DMV Express make the process easier if one happens to be at a location near you.

Reno / Tahoe Public Transportation

Reno / Tahoe offers public bus transportation through the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County, but there is lots more to transportation to, from, and around Reno / Tahoe.

Reno / Tahoe Hospitals

Reno / Tahoe is fortunate to have a number of excellent hospitals and medical centers throughout the area.

Reno / Tahoe Schools and Libraries

We are fortunate to have excellent library system, public schools, private schools, and colleges.

Reno / Tahoe Weather, Highways, and Natural Hazards

Reno / Tahoe has a four season climate and we can get some pretty wild stuff. We also have some natural hazards, but you can stay safe by learning what they are and how to deal with them.
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Reno / Tahoe Events, Dining, and Entertainment

Once settled in, you are going to want to have some fun, and there is plenty to be had around Reno / Tahoe.