Do Not Go Camping Without These 10 Things

Camping is great. And the best part is since you  drive to a campground you can bring all the gear you want or need. What 10 items of camping gear would you put on your must-have camping gear checklist? It's fun to imagine all the possibilities of the camping gear you can take with you. You definitely want to be comfortable in the great outdoors so do not be shy when coming up with your dream list of essential camping gear.  

Based on over 2000 survey results, here are what fellow campers consider essential camping gear - food, sleeping bag, tent, water, first aid kit, flashlight, knife, clothes, lantern, and stove. Duh. Do not go camping without these 10 things, or else you may never want to go camping again. Not likely, but just incase. 

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    ••• What to do if you get stuck camping in the rain. Getty Images / PeopleImages

    When you go camping the ever important camping tent is your shelter from the weather and the elements. Whether it is snowing, raining, sunny, windy, buggy, or perfect weather you will want a camping tent to sleep comfortably and sales at night. Tents come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, so be sure to shop around to find one that suits your needs.

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    A few camping food essentials will make campground cooking simple and fun.
    ••• Friends cooking at the campground. Morsa Images // Getty Images

    You have got to eat, right? Choose from hundreds of great outdoor recipes that have been submitted by fellow campers and eat better than ever before at the campground. We have a recipe for ever meal for every camper for every season utilizing all the best ingredients from fish to meat to vegetables and rice. 

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    Sleeping Bag

    ••• The choice between down or synthetic sleeping bag depends on the climate. Jamie Kingham / Getty Images

    you will sleep better outdoors if you have a warm and cozy sleeping bag, guaranteed. To make a bed at the campground, you will need a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags come in various shapes and use different materials for insulation. The type of camping you do will determine what type sleeping bag you will need to buy. Do not be shy and get one for every weather and ever climate o you are always prepared and ready to go camping anywhere at anytime.

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    How to shower at the campground.
    ••• Learn to love showering at the campground. Cultura / Getty Images

    Of course you already know this but, we need water for everything, but most importantly we need it to live. So be sure to have plenty of drinking water available and extra water for things like washing dishes, doing laundry and taking showers. At lest wash your stinky camping feet if you are not planning on showering at the campground. If you're getting water from a campground source like a spigot or the river, you may need to sterilize it first. Boiling works, but you may prefer to also use a portable water filter. Or a pump or a gravity filter works well too. 

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    ••• Camping First Aid. Lebazele for Getty Images

    Don't go camping without your first aide kit. It is easy to fall down and get a boo boo in the great outdoors. Here is a first aid checklist I put together to help prepare you for common campground mishaps. 

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    Camp Stove

    Cooking at the campground is simple and delicious with a few camping food essentials.
    ••• Cooking at the campground is simple and delicious with a few camping food essentials. Morsa Images // Getty Images

    The camp stove is an important item to take camping because it cooks hot food more efficiently than a campfire. This is another inexpensive item that uses the same fuels as lanterns. Unless you're adept at cooking over a wood fire, or you just like eating cold foods, you'll need a stove to cook. 

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    Unless you are going to a clothing optional campground, remember to bring along adequate clothing for any weather that you're likely to encounter. That means a complete change of clothes, should the ones you're wearing get wet. One item that always comes in handy is a rain jacket. Here's an article with my thoughts on rain gear. But hey, maybe clothing optional is a better choice than brining a change of clothes for adverse weather. We won't judge. 

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    Leatherman Squire P4
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    Of all the tools you could use at the campground, a good pocket or utility knife will likely be the most versatile. Here are some tips on knife handling safety.
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    Coleman Lantern (photo courtesy
    ••• Coleman Lantern. photo courtesy
    Don't stumble around the campsite in the dark. Get a lantern. They're not expensive, and lantern fuel is readily available.
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    eGear spotlight RechargeableLED Light For Your Vehicle
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    If you need to get up and go to the bathroom during the night, you'll probably need a flashlight to see your way. There are plenty made specifically for outdoor use. Shop around.