Escapees RV Club: A Support Network for All RVers

Escapees RV Club is more than just a discount RV club

Escapees RV Club
Escapees RV Club

You have a Costco membership to save on groceries and you have a gas card to get a discount every time you fill up. Discount memberships are everywhere and it's no different with RVs. Why would you pay full price for campgrounds when you try to save money in other areas?

Many RVers join these discount clubs and one of my favorites is the Escapees RV Club. Let’s look at the history of Escapees RV Club, some of the unique member benefits they offer, and how to join. 

A Brief History of Escapees RV Club 

The Escapees RV Club is one of the oldest and more established discount RV clubs available on the market. Joe and Kay Peterson had been traveling full time in their 26-foot Airstream across the United States chasing construction jobs. They wanted to help other full-time RVers across the country so they worked together on helpful articles and how-tos for publications like Trailer Life and Woodall’s. 

The Petersons were seen as experts in full-time travel in the 70s and looked for a larger outlet to help out there travelers so they formed the Escapees RV club in 1978. Escapees started off with 82 families, the Petersons continued to add services and soon Escapees grew to over 10,000 members. Joe and Kay were inducted into the RV Hall of Fame in 2001. The Escapees RV Club continues to operate today under the guide of Travis and Melanie Carr, the third generation of Peterson-Carr family tree.

What the Escapees RV Club Offers RVers

There are plenty of worthwhile benefits to joining up with the Escapees RV Club. The largest benefit of Escapees is not actually the park discounts but the amounts of informational and consumer resources available to you. Escapees hosts meet-ups, rallies, and escapades for both learning and camaraderie.  

At these events, you can learn information that will make RVing much easier such as lectures, classes, and forums on everything from measuring tongue weight to loading an RV, these are known as “RV Boot Camp.” Other events include the themed and convenient rallies in the Head Out Program, the rallies or “Escapades” as Escapees calls them and other local events. 

Discounts Available When Joining the Escapees RV Club

Escapees do provide discounts for parks. There are over 1000 Escapees certified parks throughout North America, discounts range from 15 to 50 percent off. These parks come in Escapees Travel Guide which not only includes parks but also overnight parking, commercial members, co-ops and other discount information. 

Membership also subscribes you to the Escapees Magazine which is packed with 96 pages of specialized articles including staff editorials, park and product reviews and features, tips and tricks and anecdotes from the road.

These are some of the main benefits of joining Escapees but there are several smaller but helpful benefits including the SmartWeigh educational program, park locator and ratings, Escapees Mail Service, an online discussion forum and much more. 

How to Join the Escapees RV Club

A membership costs you only $39.95 yearly. Head over to the Escapess RV Club website to sign up for your membership today so you can start reaping the benefits that Escapees provides.

While there are a variety of RV clubs to join, the Escapees RV Club can help you learn how to RV with a community of members behind you.

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