Erin Porter

••• Pondering life in German.

Erin embarked on the expat adventure to Berlin in 2007, sure that within a year she would have had enough of German life and be ready to settle down in Seattle. An attempt at repatriating was a total failure and after 2 years in the States, she did the only logical thing and returned to Germany. She continues to struggle with the German language, enjoy many beers around the country and try to teach the Germans her own brand of sarcasm.


As the Content Manager of expat site, EasyExpat, Erin has guided expats and travelers around the globe, but still likes writing about Germany best of all. In addition, Erin recently joined InsidersAbroad and is helping expats share their inside tips on life in Spain, Italy and France. She is also part of the illustrious team of German experts at the German-Way and is learning more about her chosen country right along with GW readers.

Erin represented Americans moving to Berlin with an appearance on the popular US reality TV show, House Hunters International and is relieved that she only looked a little ridiculous.

She is also embarking on an all new expat adventure with a pregnancy in Germany in 2014.

Erin Porter

Travel, snap, write.

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