Highlights and Review of the Equinox Resort, Manchester, Vermont

Very Vermont Luxury Resort for business meetings and relaxing

The Equinox Resort in Manchester, Vermont is an idyllic but upscale resort located in the lower left corner of Vermont, relatively close to Albany, New York City, and Boston.The Equinox is a large-scale resort, with numerous lodging options, many activities, on-site restaurants, and dedicated service. Although the hotel is historic and had lots of history, the interiors, public areas, and rooms are not only up-to-date, but well-maintained and clean. In addition, a significant benefit of staying at the Equinox is that there are plenty of restaurant options and shopping opportunities nearby. While the Manchester area has lots of both “Vermonty” and upscale shopping options, it doesn’t feel overdeveloped or cookie-cutter. Instead, the Equinox resort, and the Manchester, Vermont area, are excellent choices for off-site business meetings, or places to extend a business trip to Albany, New York City, Boston, or Hartford.

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    Vermont, Vermont, Vermont

    equinox resort, vermont, equinox outside
    Equinox Resort. David A. Kelly

    One of the key reasons to head to the Equinox Resort is location, location, location. Equinox is in the lower left corner of Vermont, making it easily accessible to cities such as Albany, New York City, Boston, and Hartford. But it's a world away. I came into the town over (and through) the mountains, making the trip there part of the experience. With the nearby mountains visible just out the back door (more on that shortly), it's hard not to feel like you're in Vermont. The resort is also nicely decorated, with a mixture of historic and modern that feels classic, but updated. While you're there, check out all the "Vermonty" stuff you can do.

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    A good place to start

    equinox resort, vermont, lobby
    Equinox lobby. David A. Kelly

    The Equinox has a nice traditional entrance way and front lobby, with some nice touches--for example, on the morning I checked out, they had freshly-made cider donuts pre-packaged in little boxes to take away!

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    Time for an off-site meeting

    equinox resort, vermont, meeting room
    Equinox meeting room. David A. Kelly

    The Equinox is large enough to accommodate a wide range of groups and meetings. They not only have multiple meeting rooms, but ample outdoor spaces (such as patios and lawns), as well as full catering services.

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    Take a break

    equinox resort, vermont, deck
    Mountains and deck - Equinox Resort. David A. Kelly

    When at the Equinox (or in Vermont), you don't forget where you are. At the Equinox, all you have to do is stroll out the back of the lobby (or one of the stairwells near your room), and you're face-to-face with beautiful mountains and Vermont sky. Straight behind the resort is a roadway that leads to a wide range of hiking and climbing trails, for novice or advanced climbers. When you're done hiking, head back to the hotel for a relaxing drink on the back deck, near the large fire pit!


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    Have breakfast

    equinox resort, vermont
    Equinox formal dining room. David A. Kelly

    The Colonnade is the hotel's grand dining area. It's typically open for breakfast, and special events (such as Easter Sunday brunch). The room is elegant and impressive. The Equinox also has other restaurants for lunch and dinner (the Chop House and the Marsh Tavern), both of which are excellent.


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    Take a dip

    equinox resort, vermont, pool
    Equinox pool. David A. Kelly

    Located in a separate building, but right next to the main building, is the the Equinox spa, with full spa services, as well as a gym and pool for use by resort guests. When I was there, the water was warm and the pool was quiet.


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    equinox resort, vermont
    Equinox spa waiting room. David A. Kelly

    While the treatments available at the Equinox spa might be just as trendy as ones you might find in New York City or San Francisco, you're grounded in a strong, natural Vermont feel. I particularly liked the spa waiting room (pictured).


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    Modern but classic feel

    equinox resort, vermont
    Equinox history stairway. David A. Kelly

    What's to say? They just don't make some things like they used to--like this beautiful formal staircase near the Equinox's restaurant.

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    Business center

    equinox resort, vermont
    Equinox Business Center. David A. Kelly

    Last, but not least, you can make sure to get any last minute emails written or documents printed at the Equinox's business center, located in the meeting room area.


Although I live relatively close to Vermont (in Boston), I don't get up there as often as I would like. My business travels tend to take me to places like Washington D.C., New York, and Los Angeles. However, Vermont is a great place to escape to. And the Equinox Resort in Manchester is a great place to stay while you're escaping. The Equinox provides a beautiful balance of history with modern updates, classical settings with cleanliness, and services, amenities, and activities to keep you busy. It's also the perfect place for an off-site business meeting, with scenery, service, and lots of social options.

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