Enjoying the Outdoors in Louisville, KY

Sunset over Louisville Slugger Field
Mali Anderson

Warm weather in Louisville, KY is a dream come true. The gardens bloom and the city plans for trips Shakespeare in the Park and Forecastle. That's right, when weather is nice, it's time to get out and enjoy the beauty of Louisville! There are many lovely parks in Louisville so you can simply go for a stroll and take in the scenery, but sometimes you need a destination. Looking for an afternoon or evening outdoors? Here are some places to go and things to do outdoors in Louisville, KY.

There are also many fun things to do if you are on a budget.

Go See a Ballgame

A classic family outing, fun for all ages, take them out to a ballgame! While Louisville doesn't have a major league team, Louisville is home to a Triple-A minor league baseball team. The Louisville Bast are an affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds so you may see a player who is on their way to the majors. More importantly, for your outdoor experience, the Bats play at Louisville Slugger Field. The complex is comfortable, fun, and a great way to take in a sunset over the Ohio River. 

Head to Flea Off Market

Looking for arts and crafts? Produce? Live music? It is all at the Flea! This popular spot is a magnet for anyone interested in culture, vintage finds, produce, entertainment, food, and more. As you have probably guessed, it is also a very social scene. Many meet friends here to do a bit of shopping. Some at the Flea skip the shopping part and grab a table, claiming their spot to have some food and people watch.

Free Concerts

Warm nights are better with live entertainment, thankfully there are plenty of opportunities to see music outside in and around Louisville. Parks and festivals are full of people taking in the sounds of local (and national) bands. There is even an outdoor concert series during the warm months at The Paddock Shops, a shopping center located in the East End of Louisville, KY.

Free Summer Movies

Outdoor screenings bring back memories of drive-ins and childhood. Many movies are screened free of charge throughout Indiana and Kentucky at places such as parks and college campuses. The best part is being outside on a warm night, but it doesn't hurt that these are free family events. Craving the classic drive-in experience? Drive straight to the Georgetown Drive-In in Georgetown, Indiana. Located right outside of New Albany, the Georgetown Drive-In has outdoor screens and family fun (a playground, snacks, video games). 

Have a Picnic

You are going to eat anyway, why not eat outside. Having a picnic is a relaxing and affordable way to enjoy the outdoors. How much effort you want to put into your picnic is up to you. Some like to cook fancy meals and package them to-go, others grab a blanket and a couple of sandwiches and call it a meal. Either way, picnics are a fantastic way to enjoy warm weather (the kitchen is too hot to cook in anyway).

Water Parks in Indiana and Kentucky

While the warm summer months are a lovely time to be outside, this is Kentucky. Some times it is simply too hot! Looking for a way to be outside and cool? Head to a water park. If you are seeking something more low key, there are plenty of public pools and splashpads, too.

Historic Locust Grove

While a lot of Locust Grove is indoors—the museum and the buildings to tour—there is ample space to stroll and take in the view of their gardens. Rich in history, the founding Louisville family that originally owned Locust Grove had 700 acres, now the historic buildings live on 55 rolling acres. There is a restored home available for tours and the site often hosts fairs, events, workshops and lectures. Locus Grove is a go-to destination for people interested in the history of Kentucky and the frontier life.