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English-speaking jobs in Montreal are not exactly a dime a dozen. Looking for Montreal jobs but can't speak a word of French and at a loss on how to even begin finding work?

Maybe you're fluently bilingual already but for whatever reason, would like access to employment services in English. The following job placement agencies, community organizations and career counseling services should be on every English speaker's agenda when seeking gainful employment in Montreal. 

Added to the list are also employment strategies to help English speakers still honing their French get by in the mean time. Whomever told you that you need to speak French to work in Montreal wasn't lying. The market for English-only jobs in Montreal is very, very small.

YES Montreal

Youth Employment Services YES Montreal is a job search must for English-speaking Montreal residents ages 18 to 35. Offering everything from career counseling to placement services to internship leads to self-employment orientation and support, YES Montreal scores high on all employment fronts. Services are free. In the case of workshops or classes, charges are very affordable.

Agence Ometz

Offering similar programs to YES Montreal but accessible to all ages as well as non-Jewish job seekers, Agence Ometz Employment Services (formerly known as Jewish Employment Services) also offers skills assessment, specialized services for individuals ages 45 and over as well as for new immigrants, programs for the intellectually and physically challenged, career management services, networking events and more.

But just a quick caveat. We've had a couple of readers contact me claiming Ometz refused to help them because they were not Jewish. We have no means of confirming whether these claims are true or false.

We personally found out about Ometz many years ago through a friend whose non-Jewish brother had help from the team on his job search. Upon further investigation, Ometz's mission statement reads, "Ometz is a human services agency, offering employment, immigration, school and social services to help people fulfill their potential, and to secure the growth and vitality of the Montreal community," suggesting their services are not restricted to only members of the Jewish faith but are open to all Montrealers in need of help finding a job, services provided in partnership with taxpayer-funded, government-run Emploi-Québec.

Movie Extra Work

Here's an interesting way to make a few extra bucks. Perfect bilingualism is usually not a requirement for non-speaking background roles. All shapes, sizes, ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds are needed. Contact Montreal's top movie extra casting agencies and get them to set up your file.

Look for Companies with Mostly English Clients

In my college days, most of my unilingual anglophone friends ended up doing call centre or data entry work for companies with predominantly American customers. It was like a rite of passage.

On the technical or even executive end of things, I've also known a fair share of non-French speakers working in aerospace, gaming or Silicon Valley tech firms with offices in Montreal. Ubisoft, Autodesk, CAE and Bombardier spring to mind.

And college students enrolled at English universities and CEGEPs in Montreal like McGill, Concordia and Dawson might want to consider looking for work on campus, be it as a bookstore attendant or paid research assistant. Start the job search before the new semester kicks in too to find as many opportunities as possible before the rest of the herd starts looking.

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