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Encore Las Vegas and Wynn Las Vegas

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The most significant addition to the Las Vegas Strip in 2008, Encore Las Vegas is another towering hotel from casino impresario Steve Wynn. Imaginatively designed, it furthers the Wynn ethos of creating hotels that don't look like anywhere else. (Previous Wynn works include the AAA 5-Diamond award-winning Bellagio and the luxurious Wynn Las Vegas, connected to Encore by carpeted walkways.)

Both Encore and Wynn are opulent and contain more than 2,000 guest rooms. Their casinos are brighter than most, their restaurants are conceived by top chefs, and their shopping esplanades house some of the world's most prestigious brands.

Encore refines ideas that first appeared in Wynn Las Vegas and adds eye-popping ones of its own: Mosaic butterflies embedded in marble floors... fantastical lamps spun out of multi-colored Murano glass... glittering peacocks with plumes lit from within are among the visual delights that await visitors to this pleasure palace.

Erected 2008, Encore is slightly smaller and a few years newer than circa-2005 Wynn Las Vegas , but it does not stand in the shadow of its structural sibling.

The top floor of Encore Las Vegas is numbered 63, but due to some fuzzy math -- no 13th floor, and no floors starting with the number 4 as the Chinese consider that unlucky -- it's closer to a 50-story structure.

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Atrium at Encore Las Vegas

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The light-filled atrium communicates to visitors that Encore Las Vegas is unlike other Vegas hotels.

Unlike its neighbors, Encore Las Vegas does not attempt to recreate a great city (like Paris Las Vegas or New York New York) or an historic era (Caesars Las Vegas, Luxur, Excalibur). Instead, it has developed an original visual vocabulary that delights the eye and surprises the senses.

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Encore Las Vegas Butterfly Detail

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A symbol of the hotel and an example of the artistry and detail that enhance the unique beauty of Encore Las Vegas.

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Encore Las Vegas Casino

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The color red is used throughout the hotel, including on ruby-red Murano glass chandeliers that help to illuminate the casino.

The casino at Encore Las Vegas is slightly smaller than that of adjoining Wynn Las Vegas.

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Encore Las Vegas Tower Suites Hallway

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The hallway to the tower suites features an Asian-patterned carpet in red and black that leads to guest accommodations.

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Encore Las Vegas King Bed Suite

© Encore.

Accommodations at the all-suite Encore Las Vegas could be described as Biedermeier-goes-East.

Clean lines and a sophisticated beige-black-red lacquer palette distinguish the decor at Encore Las Vegas. The smartly designed rooms have an open divider that holds a top-of-the-line Sharp Aquos HDTV mounted on a swivel so that it can face either the bed or into the living area.

Built for comfort as well as style, the living room features a sexy chaise longue adjoining the traditional couch seating and an oval leather ottoman. There's also a work desk and wi-fi, for which a daily usage rate is charged.

The king-size bed is soft and welcoming, as are the downy pillows. And the bedside control panel -- which operates the lights and drapes -- is a thoughtful touch. We also appreciated the push-button dimmer switches on all of the lamps in the suite.

The only thing we don't like in this suite at Encore Las Vegas is the dreaded 60-second minibar. The evil conception of a revenue-management-crazed geek, these contraptions electronically note if you remove an item and will charge you for it if you do not replace it within 60 seconds. Further, in the refrigerated portion, you may not remove a beverage and replace it with one of your own without being charged as well. Encore Las Vegas is not the first hotel we've seen with this scourge, but we hope it will be the last. To find out more: Slay the Monster in the Minibar.

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Tower Suite Bathroom

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A remote-controlled TV and thick towels make this a bathroom to linger and luxuriate in.

Bathrooms at Encore Las Vegas are both thoughtfully designed and well-lit, containing both an illuminated magnifying makeup mirror and a nightlight setting.

The luxuriousness of the bathroom is underscored by the thick, textured towels, including a bath sheet. Robes, but not slippers, are provided.

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View from Tower Suite

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Truth be told, the view from this tower suite at Encore Las Vegas is vast yet uninspiring. But this is Vegas, and like everything else here, subject to change.

Further north on the Strip than Wynn Las Vegas, the location of Encore Las Vegas is slightly less desirable. Not only did it face a vacant lot at opening, but it's a longer walk to reach the Fashion Show Mall across the street on the Las Vegas Strip. And it will cost a few dollars more to taxi to other hotel-casinos such as Caesars Palace and Bellagio as well as McCarran airport.

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Main Swimming Pool

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One of the two swimming pools at Encore Las Vegas.

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European Bathing Pool

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In this context, "European" means topless.

Adults can soak up the sun in this childfree area.

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Topless Swimming Pool

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Encore features two swimming pools. This one is restricted to adults 21 and over and has a swim-up bar.

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Spa Treatment Hall

© Encore.

I have heard that some visitors to Encore Las Vegas choose to spend time in the spa rather than the casino. I cannot vouch for this foolishness first-hand.

The spa holds 51 treatment rooms and offers a full complement of facials and body treatments. A Couples Ritual -- including either an Ayurvedic or organic-themed massage -- is available in the spa's couples suite.

The facility also holds a beauty salon, barber shop, and fitness center with studios for yoga, Pilates, and spinning, meditation.

We confess: The only spinning we want to see in Vegas is that of the roulette wheel. And as for meditation, no visitor ever meditated more intently than a blackjack player holding a 16 against the dealer's 10 and beseeching the higher powers to send a 5 his way.

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Encore Las Vegas Retail Esplanade

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© Encore.

Boutiques selling some of the world's top prestige brands are located inside this carpeted mini-mall.

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Esplanade Shoe Store at Encore Las Vegas

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A work of art or a wearable? Whichever you decide, it and similar stilettos are available at In Step, the Esplanade shoe store.

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Fixture at Encore Las Vegas

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Not only is the lighting bright at Encore Las Vegas; fixtures are all originals and beautifully crafted.

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Crystal Peacocks at Encore Las Vegas

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Crystal peacocks stand sentry outside a baccarat pit on the casino floor.

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Design Detail: Peacock Plume

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The amount of detail and thought that went into the design at Encore Las Vegas is phenomenal.

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Sinatra Restaurant at Encore Las Vegas

© Encore.

One of the fine-dining restaurants at Encore Las Vegas channels the famous crooner and leader of the Rat Pack.

Sinatra restaurant features a "modern Italian" menu. While the room is quite lovely, the smell of cheese clings to the rich textiles that are part of its design. Some potential patrons may find this unappealing.

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Botero Restaurant

© Encore.

The centerpiece of Botero Restaurant at Encore Las Vegas is a fertility goddess sculpture by Columbian artist Fernando Botero.

Not pictured: Switch restaurant inside Encore Las Vegas. Excellent waiters and fine fare compete for attention in this Disneyesque eatery where the walls, ceiling, and lighting literally change several times during the course of a meal. We found the transformation a remarkable novelty the first time it occurred, then a distracting gimmick in successive iterations.

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Encore Theater

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A bright and whimsical lobby design, incorporating the signature butterfly and red walls of Encore Las Vegas, welcomes patrons to the Encore Theater.

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Bar at Encore Las Vegas

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One of several bars at Encore Las Vegas, it's a place to watch the game -- or participate in one at the adjacent casino.

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XS Nightclub at Encore

© Encore.

After dinner, after the show, after the casino games, hit XS nightclub at Encore Las Vegas.

The Nightclub at Encore phone number is 702-770-0097.

XS Nightclub at Encore Web Site.

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Wedding Chapel

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Wedding chapels requested by guests at Encore Las Vegas are located at Wynn Las Vegas.

The adept wedding planners at Wynn Las Vegas have been known to pull together a wedding on a few hours' notice. Of course, it's desirable to give them more time to make arrangements and lock in the exact date, time, and location you want for your destination wedding.

Think you can't afford a wedding inside elegant Wynn Las Vegas? Think again. Although the facility has been known to pull out all the stops for a million-dollar affair, it can also craft a down-to-earth event for as little as $500. To save money on a Wynn/Encore Las Vegas destination wedding, request a mid-week ceremony to take place early in the day.

The facility can accommodate up to ten weddings a day. So that every bride and groom will feel special, it does not schedule more than one wedding to occur at a time.

Along with providing a menu of floral selections, music, photography, and videography services, these chapels are equipped to webcast a wedding so that friends and family who cannot attend your Vegas wedding can watch it over the Internet in real time.

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Encore on the Las Vegas Strip

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Encore is located next door to Wynn Las Vegas and near the Fashion Show Mall, diagonally across the Las Vegas Strip.

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