Why You Should Stay at Encore Hotel Las Vegas

Live Life to the Excess at Encore Hotel Las Vegas

Encore Las Vegas is the type of hotel where the details are considered. The little things that make your stay special are all factored in and the end result is a vacation that will meet your expectations regardless of high they may be.
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    Encore Hotel Las Vegas

    Expect to get a feeling of luxury yet in a very comfortable atmosphere at Encore. Enjoy the feeling of open space as the plants, flowers and windows give you a different perspective on Las Vegas Hotels. The staff is very accommodating and the property feels quaint and relaxed.
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    Sliders For Breakfast at Society Cafe at Encore Las Vegas

    ••• Filet mignon steak & egg sliders at Society Cafe at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas. Photo by Zeke Quezada
    Don't ask why, just get there, order them and then send me a nice note with a big thank you, because when you really think about it you would have ordered something else and then watched as some wise guy nearby ordered the sliders. These sliders are epic!


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    Michael Monge at Eastside Lounge at Encore Las Vegas

    ••• Michael Monge Performs at Eastside Lounge at Encore Las Vegas. Photo Courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas
    He is not just cool he is cool the way Las Vegas lounge acts were cool. He is Vegas the way the Rat Pack defined Vegas. He is entertainment exactly the way entertainment was menat to be. Real, authentic and with plenty of talent.


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    Allow yourself to dream, allow your mind to wander and allow a fantasy to take hold of your thoughts. Le Reve takes you on a journey to where your dreams seem much like reality.
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    Pictures of the Rooms at Encore Hotel Las Vegas

    The rooms at Encore Las Vegas are luxurious with a modern feel and understated high end feeling. From the comfortable bed, to the seating area to the large restroom you will find it hard to find a better room on the Las Vegas strip.
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    The choices at Encore when it comes to food are some of the best in Las Vegas. What are you craving? Steak, Asian, Italian or French? They are all very good and they have marquee chefs to lure you in.
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    The Spa at Encore Hotel Las Vegas

    When you are looking to relax consider a treatment that will coax your body into releasing the stress and allow yourself to slow it all down at the Spa at Encore Las Vegas.
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    If your imagination has begun to run wild with an image of Las Vegas nightlife it probably has come up with something that resembles XS at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas. XS is about excess, the elegance is everywhere and the opulence is what turns your evening into a decadent affair of Las Vegas nightlife.
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    Pictures of Encore Hotel Las Vegas

    Encore gets you a full service luxury hotel without the added dose of pretentious. People smile, people greet you and he feeling makes you want to experience all over and over again. Encore is new, it’s elegant, it’s hip and it’s what Las Vegas is all about. 2000 plus rooms and it feels like your own very special place. It’s what Las Vegas grew up to be.
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