Emissions Testing in Arizona

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All vehicles driven on Arizona roads must comply with the regulations established by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. When it is time to renew your vehicle's registration, the form will indicate whether or not an emissions test is required. Most 2002 and newer vehicles are not required to be emissions tested.

Here are some quick tips about emissions testing in the Phoenix metro area (which includes some parts of Pinal and Yavapai County):

  • If your car must be emissions tested, you can take it to one of several inspection stations located around the Valley.
  • Before you go to the vehicle emissions inspection station, you might want to know how long the wait time will be. Call 1-877-myAZcar (1-877-692-9227), and you'll get an up-to-the-minute report on the wait time at any station you choose. If you are at a computer, you can get the same information online.
  • Generally, try not to take your vehicle for emissions testing on Mondays or Fridays, or at the beginning or end of the month. Those are the busiest times. The testing stations are also open on Saturdays.
  • The inspection process is simpler if you leave your kids and pets at home.
  • If you have a locking gas cap, don't forget to bring the key.
  • There are fees for emissions testing. Cash is your best bet. No credit or debit cards are accepted.
  • If your car is out-of-state, or your vehicle has failed emissions, or you want to request a waiver, or have other special situations, visit the ADEQ Emissions Testing Information web site or call for more assistance.
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