Emergency Phone Numbers in Peru

The following list contains important emergency telephone numbers in Peru, including police, fire brigade and ambulance services.

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    Police in Lima, Peru.
    ••• Friendly police chat to a tourist in Lima's Plaza de Armas. Tony Dunnell

    Central Emergency Number: 105

    For specific police stations and special divisions, visit the Policía Nacional del Peru website.

    For less urgent situations, such as noise complaints or other non-violent disturbances, you can try calling the Serenazgo. Here is the list of telephone numbers for the Serenazgo in Lima. Outside of Lima, you'll need to search online (or in person) for individual offices.

    As a tourist, you may receive more help from the Peruvian tourist police.

    For general tourist information and assistance, call Iperú.​​

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    Fire Brigade

    Fire in Peru
    ••• A fire breaks out in the middle of Tarapoto, Peru. Tony Dunnell

    Central Emergency Number: 116

    The central emergency number puts you through to the Cuerpo General de Bomberos Voluntarios Del Perú, Peru’s national (and voluntary) fire brigade. They respond to fires and accidents, as well as smaller medical emergencies.

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    Ambulance, Clave5, Miraflores/Lima, Peru.
    ••• AgainErick/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0

    EsSalud Sistema de Transporte Asistido de Emergencia (STAE): 117

    Emergency medical help is also available through both the police (105) and fire brigade (116), but the quality of service can vary greatly. Fire brigade units are likely to be better equipped for medical emergencies.

    In the Comas district of Lima, you can call the Sistema de Atención Médica Móvil de Urgencia (SAMU), a free ambulance service provided by the Peruvian Ministry of Health. The emergency number is 106. SAMU is only in its first stage; if successful, coverage will expand to other parts of Lima and perhaps nationwide.

    Another option is the Peruvian Red Cross (Cruz Roja Peruana) in Lima. Contact number (01) 2660481.

    Alternatively, you can call a private ambulance service, but you will have to pay for the call-out unless you are already a member. Private ambulance services include:

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    Other Emergency Numbers in Peru

    Civil Defense (INDECI): (511) 224-1685 

    Civil Defense emergency number in case of earthquake or other natural disasters in Peru: 119 (read more about this service; Spanish only)