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••• Elizabeth Heath in the Umbrian hilltown she now calls home.

Writer and editor Elizabeth Heath was born in St. Louis, Missouri and grew up on Florida's Gulf Coast. Since 2009, she's lived full time in the Umbria region of central Italy, in a tiny hilltown near Orvieto.

A veteran of print and digital media, Liz loves exploring the medieval villages around her, taking drives and hikes through the countryside, and hopping on the train for impromptu trips to Rome.


Liz began visiting Italy in 2000, and those visits turned into longer and longer stays, until she finally made Italy her permanent home. She's been writing about it ever since. She is a long-time editor of Frommer's Travel Guides, and the author of Frommer's Rome Day by Day, as well as the Rome chapters of Frommer's Italy and Frommer's EasyGuide to Rome, Florence & Venice. She also writes for Frommers.com, and makes frequent appearances on the Frommer's Travel Show radio program, to share her enthusiasm about life and travels in Italy.

Liz's recent work has appeared in Eat.Sip.Trip, TripSavvy, Citizen Femme, VivaFifty and other outlets. She's also created a VoiceMap walking tour of her adopted hometown in Umbria.

Prior to moving to Italy, Liz taught writing and humanities at the college level. She's also served as editor of several regional lifestyle magazines, and written on a variety of topics, from celebrities to politics to real estate. She is happiest when she's discovering a new corner of Italy about which to write.


Liz has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ringling College of Art in Sarasota, Florida, and an MA in Humanities from the University of South Florida, Tampa. Also at USF, she completed doctoral studies in Anthropology and Archaeology, and started coming to Italy regularly to work on archaeological digs. She also participated in the American Academy in Rome's Summer Archaeology program. She is fluent in Italian - and is living proof that immersion is the best way to learn a language!

Elizabeth Heath

My fascination with Italy began as a child, when I read a book about Pompeii. I longed to go ever since, and fulfilled my wish, first in 2000, and then in subsequent years until I made the leap to Italy full-time. I now live in the Umbrian countryside with my family and our pets, and I'm constantly looking for new places to visit, both in Italy and across Europe and the Mediterranean.

I love the quality of life in Italy, and - most of the time, at least - the pace at which life moves along. I always say that you can't stick a shovel in the ground in Italy without hitting an archaeological site. While it's not quite that extreme (except maybe in Rome!), there's something about knowing that you are walking on layers and layers of time and history...it's comforting, fascinating and humbling all at once.

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