Elections and Early Voting in Washington DC, MD and VA

Voter Registration Information, Absentee Ballots and Early Voting

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To participate in local, state and federal elections, you must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old, and registered to vote. Polling places are assigned based on residency. The District of Columbia is unique in that you may register to vote at the polling place on the day of the election (with a proof of residency). Since most voters cast their ballots before going to work or shortly before the polls close, the best time to vote and avoid lines is in the late morning or early afternoon. You no longer have to vote on Election Day in DC and Maryland.

Absentee Ballots and Early Voting in DC, Maryland and Virginia

If you can not get to the polls on Election Day, you may vote early or cast an absentee ballot. Here are the details for the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia

In the District of Columbia

Absentee ballots must be postmarked by Election Day and arrive no later than 10 days after the election. You may request an absentee ballot by mail. Download the form, complete it online, print it, sign your name and mail it to: District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics, 441 4th Street N.W., Suite 250 North Washington, DC 20001.

You can also fax your ballot to (202) 347-2648 or email a scanned attachment to uocava@dcboee.org. You must include your name and address, signature, date, and the statement "Pursuant to Title 3 DCMR Section 718.10, I understand that by electronically submitting my voted ballot I am voluntarily waiving my right to a secret ballot."

Early Voting- You can vote early, by mail or at your assigned polling place.

Old Council Chambers, One Judiciary Square, 441 4th Street, NW or at the following satellite locations (one in each Ward):

Columbia Heights Community Center - 1480 Girard Street, NW
Takoma Community Center - 300 Van Buren Street, NW
Chevy Chase Community Center - 5601 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Turkey Thicket Recreation Center - 1100 Michigan Avenue, NE
King Greenleaf Recreation Center - 201 N Street, SW
Dorothy Height/Benning Library - 3935 Benning Rd. NE
Southeast Tennis and Learning Center - 701 Mississippi Avenue, SE

For more information, visit the website for the DC Board of Elections and Ethics.

In Maryland

To vote by absentee ballot in Maryland you must fill out and return an Absentee Ballot Application. You can download an application from your County Board of Elections. You must mail, fax or email your completed application to your County Board of Elections. The application provides the contact information for each county in Maryland.

Early Voting- Any registered voter can vote early. To learn more about early voting and to find the location in your county, visit the website for the Maryland State Board of Elections.

In Virginia

To vote by absentee ballot in Virginia you must fill out and return an Absentee Ballot Application. You can download an application from the Virginia State Board of Elections. Mail or fax your completed ballot.

Early Voting- By Absentee Ballot Only. For more information, visit the website for the Virginia State Board of Elections.

Voter Registration in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia
Voter registration varies from state to state, although deadlines are generally around 30 days prior to any election. Mail-in voter registration forms are available at libraries, community centers and other public buildings. You can also register to vote with your local board of elections:

DC Board of Elections & Ethics
Maryland State Board of Elections
Montgomery County Board of Elections
Virginia State Board of Elections
Alexandria Office of Voter Registration
Arlington County Registrars of Voters
Fairfax County Electoral Board & General Registrar

Political Parties

Although the Republican and the Democratic Parties dominate Washington, there are many third parties. Each state has its own local branch.

Washington, DC

Democratic Party
Republican Party
DC Statehood Green Party
Libertarian Party


Democratic Party
Republican Party
Green Party
Libertarian Party
Reform Party


Democratic Party
Republican Party
Constitution Party
Green Party
Libertarian Party
Reform Party

Voting Resources

• Project Vote Smart tracks the voting records for federal, state and local positions.
DCWatch is an on-line magazine that covers local city politics and public affairs in Washington, DC.<br/>• Polling Report is an independent, nonpartisan organization that conducts polls on issues and current events, public officials, institutions, organizations, and elections.

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