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Citizens of Queens, New York, are directly represented in the United States Congress, in the New York State government in Albany by state senators and assembly members, and by New York City council members. If you don't know your district designations, use this tool to find it by typing in your address.

United States House of Representatives

Queens has four representatives in the U.S. House in Washington. To find out which one represents your neighborhood, go to House.gov and enter your ZIP code.

State-Elected Officials for Queens, New York

There are 13 state senators representing Queens in Albany. 

  • Sen. James Sanders Jr. (D, 10th District)
  • Sen. John Liu (D, 11th District)
  • Sen. Michael N. Gianaris (D, 12th District)
  • Sen. Jessica Ramos (D, 13th District)
  • Sen. Leroy Comrie (D, 14th District)
  • Sen. Joseph Addabbo Jr. (D, 15th District)
  • Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky (D, 16th District)

New York State Assembly Members
There are 18 Assembly Members representing Queens in Albany. 

  • Asm. Stacey Pheffer Amato (D, 23rd District)
  • Asm. David Weprin (D, 24th District)
  • Asm. Nily Rozic (D, 25th District)
  • Asm. Edward Braunstein (D, 26th District)
  • Asm. Daniel Rosenthal (D, 27th District)
  • Asm. Andrew Hevesi (D, 28th District)
  • Asm. Alicia Hyndman (D, 29th District)
  • Asm. Brian Barnwell (D, 30th District)
  • Asm. Michele Titus (D, 31st District)
  • Asm. Vivian Cook (D, 32nd District)
  • Asm. Clyde Vanel (D, 33rd District)
  • Asm. Michael DenDekker (D, 34th District)
  • Asm. Jeffrion L. Aubry (D, 35th District)
  • Asm. Aravella Simotas (D, 36th District)
  • Asm. Catherine Nolan (D, 37th District)
  • Asm. Michael Miller (D, 38th District)
  • Asm. Aridia Espinal (D, 39th District)
  • Asm. Ron Kim (D, 40th District)

New York City Elected Officials for Queens

There are 14 council members who represent Queens in the City Council. To identify which one represents your neighborhood, go to the City Council website and enter your address. Melinda Katz (I) serves as the Queens Borough President.

  • Paul Vallone (D, District 19)
  • Peter Koo (D, District 20)
  • Francisco Moya (D, District 21)
  • Costa Constantinides (D, District 22)
  • Barry Grodenchik (D, District 23)
  • Rory Lancman (D, District 24)
  • Daniel Dromm (D, District 25)
  • James Van Bramer (D, District 26)
  • I. Daneek Miller (D, District 27)
  • Adrienne Adams (D, District 28)
  • Melinda Katz (D, District 29)
  • Robert Holden (D, District 30)
  • Donovan Richards (D, District 31)
  • Eric Ulrich (R, District 32)

Now that you know who's in office, make sure to find your local polling place and vote.

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