El Salvador Food Photo Gallery

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    El Salvador Food: Pupusas

    Pupusas Photo

    El Salvador food is probably the most popular export among the Central America cuisines. Peruse these El Salvador food photos, and I'm certain you'll see why.

    Here are Pupusas, El Salvador's staple snack, made of stuffed corn tortillas.


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    El Salvador Food: Breakfast

    El Salvador Breakfast

    An El Salvador breakfast, including refried beans, queso fresco (fresh cheese) and fried plantains.

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    El Salvador Food: Curtido

    Curtido Photo

    Curtido, a spicy, vinegar-based condiment made from cabbage, carrots and other veggies. Curtido is often served with pupusas.

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    El Salvador Food: Yuca Frita

    Yuca Frita Photo

    Yuca frita, or deep-fried yuca, often accompanies chicharon (deep-fried pork cracklings).


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    El Salvador Food: Ensalada Drink

    Ensalada Drink

    Ensalada in El Salvador aren't just salads -- they're also fruit drinks, made of chopped-up fruit and juice.

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    El Salvador Food: Horchata


    Horchata, a milky, rice-based drink flavored with sugar and spices.

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    El Salvador Food: Empanadas de Leche

    Empanadas de Leche

    Empanadas de Leche, an El Salvador dessert pastry.

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    El Salvador Food: Tortitas

    Tortitas Photo

    Tortillas, crispy egg patties packed with shrimp.

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    El Salvador Food: Tamale

    Tamales Photo

    Tamales, a traditional Latin American dish made of steamed cornmeal dough (called masa) filled with meats, cheeses, dried fruit, or sweet corn.

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    El Salvador Food: Sopa de Pata

    Sopa de Pata Photo

    Sopa de pata, an El Salvador stew made of plantains, green beans, corn, and yuca.... as well as tripe (cow's stomach) and cow's feet