El Salvador Beaches

A selection of the best beaches in El Salvador

El Tunco Beach
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Located on Central America's Pacific Coast, the El Salvador beaches are home to some of Latin America's finest surf breaks. But surfers aren't the only travelers who enjoy the beautiful beaches of El Salvador. The coastline is lined with villages both lively and tranquil, accommodations both luxury and ​budget, and warm waters perfect for swimming as well as surfing. Come explore the El Salvador beaches!

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    La Libertad

    Hotels and palm trees on El Tunco Beach
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    El Salvador's El Puerto de la Libertad region includes the most popular El Salvador beaches, especially when it comes to surfing. In particular, the La Punta break is renowned by surfers worldwide. La Libertad is also noted for its seafood, celebrated during the yearly Gastronomic Festival.​

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    Playa El Sunzal

    Playa El Sunzal
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    Located in the La Libertad department, tranquil El Salvador beach El Sunzal (a.k.a. El Zunzal) is quite striking, with black, glittering sands. El Sunzal's waves range from rough to mild; ask around to learn which breaks are the best bet for novice surfers.

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    Playa El Tunco

    El Tunco Beach
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    El Tunco, named for a rocky protrusion out at sea, is another dark-sand El Salvador beach in the La Libertad department. The often intense breaks attract many El Salvador surfers, while the beach town is a haven for budget travelers.

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    Costa del Sol

    Costa del Sol
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    Many of El Salvador's luxury travelers head to Costa del Sol, a long, straight strip of beige sand lined with oceanfront villas, vacation rentals, and upscale beach homes. The region actually includes three distinct El Salvador beaches: Costa del Sol, San Marcelino, and Los Blancos.

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    Playa El Zonte

    Man enjoying a peaceful afternoon on rocky beach of Playa El Zonte.
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    Another oft-visited La Libertad beach, El Zonte is popular with international surfers, Because the beach is more secluded than El Salvador beaches like El Tunco and El Sunzal, the waves are much less crowded.

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    Playa El Majahual

    The busy village of El Majahual is a top El Salvador backpacker destination. While Playa El Majahual isn't the cleanest beach, its sands are vast, and there's always something to do in or around the water.

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    Playa El Cuco

    Overview of Playa El Cuco looking east.
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    Playa El Cuco is a quintessential El Salvador beach: dark sands lined with vendor huts and seafood restaurants, shaggy palms, and commendable surfing.

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    Playa San Diego

    Playa San Diego
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    South of La Libertad, Playa San Diego is one of El Salvador's prettiest white-sand beaches, with gentle waves that are much better for swimming than surfing.