El Paso Gay Pride 2016 - El Paso Sun City Pridefest 2016

Celebrating gay pride in West Texas

photo by Andrew Collins

El Paso, which is in western Texas on the U.S.-Mexico border with Juarez as well as being very close to the southern border of New Mexico (and that state's second-largest city, Las Cruces, which has its own Pride celebration in October), has a metro population of nearly 840,000 - to the surprise of many, it's among the top 20 cities in the country in population, and the sixth-largest city in Texas. Although it's a somewhat conservative metropolis with a comparatively mild gay scene (at least relative to other cities its size around the country), El Paso does have a growing GLBT presence. The city's gay pride celebration, El Paso Sun City Pridefest, has become better attended in recent years, especially since the very recent change of timing. It used to be held in March but now takes place in June.

2016 Pridefest is taking place this year on June 1 through 5, 2016. The celebration comprises five days' worth of parties, including El Paso Pride Street Festival, which is held in downtown El Paso on Saturday, June 4, at Cleveland Square (510 N. Santa Fe St.), and is preceded by El Paso Gay Pride Parade, in the morning, starting at Houston Park (900 Montana Avenue) - here's a map of the El Paso Gay Pride parade route

El Paso Gay Resources

Additionally, numerous bars as well as gay-popular restaurants, hotels, and shops have special events throughout Pride Weekend. Check the helpful El Paso GLBT Community Center website as well as the statewide This Week in Texas Magazine. Also take a look at the useful travel site produced by the city's official tourism organization, Visit El Paso.

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