El Dorado Canyon Mine Tour

Go back in time to the Old West

El Dorado Canyon
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The Wild West seems to have a bit of a legend that can be traced back to the formation and creation of Las Vegas. However, long before the bright lights on Las Vegas Blvd. were turned on people came west looking for a lot more than cheap buffets and showgirls. People came looking for gold and silver and the process by which these treasures were found and mined soon became a deadly operation.

Location of El Dorado Canyon Mine Tour

Nelson, Nevada 89046
1 1/2 miles past the town of Nelson on Highway 165
Directions to the El Dorado Canyon Mine Tour

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Reservations and Info at the El Dorado Mine Tour: (702) 291-0026

If you are looking for a diversion from the Las Vegas strip you need to consider the El Dorado Canyon Mine Tour located about an hour away from the strip. You get to experience the Southern Nevada fauna, the history of mining and the Colorado river all in one easy day trip. Get out there and see a real gold mine in Nevada.

Step back in time about 100 years and you’ll catch a glimpse of the brutal and simple old west. The El Dorado Canyon Mine Tour is a snapshot in time to an era when riches could be had or could be stolen. Follow a guide on the above ground and below ground tour and get an idea of what life was like back when gold was pulled out of the hills and lawlessness was rampant.

You get to see a real gold mine and walk along the tunnels that once produced riches for a few people in southern Nevada. The people at El Dorado Canyon Mine Tours are so inviting you might consider moving to the tiny town of Nelson in the Nevada Desert.

When you finish your mine tour you can rent a cone or a kayak and explore the Colorado River. Make a day of it.

Diversions Nearby

As you leave the El Dorado Canyon Mine Tour you can head south and visit Laughlin, Nevada where casino resorts hug the Colorado River. Great deals on hotel rooms and food are always available at this tiny town on the river. The Hoover Dam is also nearby. Stop in to see the visitors center or take a tour.

Hours at El Dorado Canyon Mine Tour

10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday
10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday through Sunday.
Trails close at dusk.

Admission at El Dorado Canyon Mine Tour

Above & Below Ground Guided Mining Tour :
Approximately 1 hour. 4 person minimum required. (Can go in with other groups to make up the minimum. Tours at specific times only) Reservations required.
Adults : $12.50 per person
Children 12 & under : $7.50 per person
(Open 7 days per week)

Canoe and Kayak Rentals at El Dorado Mine Tours:
16'9" Old Town Kineo Canoes or 1 or 2 man sit on top Ocean Kayaks
$25.00 to $30.00 the first day depending on the boat
$15.00 to $20.00 each day after - per boat.
Life jackets, paddles, car top carriers or trailers depending on the number of boats rented are included as well.
(Open 7 days per week)
Reservations recommended.

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