This Is My New Favorite Layering Kit for Any Outdoor Adventure

Eddie Bauer’s Super Sevens Layering Kit is the perfect grab-and-go system

Eddie Bauer Super Sevens Layering Kit
TripSavvy / Nathan Allen.

Let me start by saying, I’m simultaneously very excited and skeptical when I hear about some sort of newfangled outdoor gear tech. (A fear of mine is outdoor gear moving more towards Elon Musk and further away from John Muir. But I digress.)

So when I first learned about Eddie Bauer’s Super Sevens Kit, I was (you guessed it) cautiously optimistic with a healthy side of skepticism. After a couple of months of testing, I’m pleased to report both Musk and Muir would probably like this kit.

First, let me explain what precisely the Super Sevens Kit is. It’s essentially a three-piece layering kit with a super lightweight pullover fleece, a wind jacket, and a rain shell. You can combine them to make seven different layering systems—hence, the name Super Sevens (gimmicky, I know, but stick with me). 

The upshot? Eddie Bauer has created a highly functional and practical kit for anyone traveling or doing anything outside. The entire kit weighs less than a pound in women’s sizes and right at a pound in men’s sizes. It packs down into a stuff sack not much bigger than two adult fists.

Eddie Bauer's Super Sevens Layering Kit

Let’s talk about functionality. The ultralight fleece hoodie is the base of the layer (although the actual hoodie is technically a mid-layer). Not going to lie; when I first saw it, I figured it wouldn’t be that warm and it’d rip the first time I brushed a tree branch. It’s a bit see-through when not on the body, but it's like a regular fleece once it’s on the body—not see-through. As I started to wear and enjoy the fleece, I feared it would disintegrate in the washing machine. This caused me to wear it more times than I should’ve before washing it, but I’m happy to report the PrimaLoft fabric does a good job resisting stink. I’ve washed it a few times, and it's still totally intact, although I haven't been brave enough to run it through the dryer.

The wind jacket is the next layer and features Eddie Bauer’s proprietary “StormRepel” durable-water repellent. This is an ideal thread for where I live near the coast in Southern California. Lastly, the rain shell uses Eddie Bauer’s best waterproofing finish and has the highest waterproof rating among all of Eddie Bauer’s shells. It’s also constructed with 2.5-layer ripstop nylon for some boosted durability.

Eddie Bauer Super Sevens Layering Kit

Now let’s talk practicality. I’ve found this system to be so good at so many activities I simply leave it by my garage door. It’s been perfect for paddle-boarding, hiking, backpacking, flying, fly-fishing, backyard chores, biking to a brewery, and sitting on Zoom calls. It's an ideal travel companion because of its lightness and packability.

Will this kit keep you warm in the coldest conditions? No. I haven’t tried it below 45 degrees. (It was fine around those temps.) Will it keep you dry in the wettest conditions? I think so. I haven’t had the chance to test this specific hardshell in a downpour, but it should be solid if it holds up like other Eddie Bauer hardshell jackets I’ve recently tested. Do I think Elon Musk would be impressed by this jacket? Who cares. John Muir? He’d probably call it alchemy.