Where to Get Late Night Grub in Little Rock

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You've spent the whole day working, shopping, visiting or whatever and you're starved. You don't want to go home and cook at this hour. It's too late to visit a fine dining restaurant in Little Rock, so what do you do? These local (and some not so local) restaurants serve up good food past normal business hours.

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    Grab a late night steak
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    Downtown Little Rock is probably the best place to find food late at night and Big Whiskey's is a nice, well-rounded restaurant to choose. They have something for everyone including salads, soups, burgers, pasta, steak, seafood, and chicken.

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    Eat Flying Saucer's famous nachos
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    Speaking of downtown, it's likely you're out so late because you were at a bar. One of the better bars to eat (and drink) at is the Flying Saucer. They have a large menu with mostly bar-type foods (nachos, cheese fries), but they do have some sandwiches, salads and even pizza.

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    Midtown Billiards is known for their burgers
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    Midtown is well known by waiters and local bands as being the place to go after work, mostly because nothing else is open. The grill at Midtown is open until very, very late. They have a decent menu, especially for the hour, featuring a couple of sandwiches. The burger is the standout.

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    Try the deep dish Chicago-style pizza
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    If you're craving pizza in Little Rock, head back downtown to Gusano's, where they serve Chicago-style pizza. This place can get crowded in the evenings, but it has a fun little sports bar atmosphere. Located at 313 President Clinton Ave in the ​River Market. They even have gluten-free pizza.

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    The inside of Dugan's Pub
    Dugan's Pub

    Dugan's is an Irish Pub and they have that kind of a menu: corned beef, bangers and mash, fish and chips, etc. They're located at the corner of 3rd and Rock St. in the River Market District.

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    Vino's has a great vegetarian pizza
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    Vino's serves stone-baked pizzas and freshly brewed beer. They're also one of our favorite places to hear great, live music. They're located on 923 West 7th Street in downtown Little Rock.

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    Late night food at Sonny Williams
    Sonny Williams Steak Room 

    You wouldn't expect fine dining this late at night, but Sonny Williams offers some of the best steaks in Little Rock. We're not sure they really count as "late night" dining, because a meal this good (and expensive), you'll really want to savor it. If you get there very late, you'll be wasting the experience. They're located in the River Market at 500 President Clinton Avenue.

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    Little Rock at nighttime
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    It seems like Little Rock has a Sonic or Taco Bell on every corner and most of them stay open late. Denny's is a favorite amongst the late night crowd. We only have two Denny's in Little Rock and they do stay open 24 hours a day. Denny's is at 4300 S University and 310 S Shackleford Rd. We have quite a few Waffle House restaurants which are also open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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