Where to Buy Local Seafood in Vancouver

Entrance to the Granville Public Market
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Eating local—eating locally-grown and locally-sourced foods—is a growing movement in Vancouver, BC. For seafood lovers who want to eat local, Vancouver is practically the perfect city: it's ideally situated to provide a wide range of local, sustainable seafood.


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    Fisherman's Wharf - False Creek Harbour Authority

    Locally known as Fisherman's Wharf, the False Creek Harbour Authority is the harbor where many local fishermen off-load and sell their seasonal catches. Located just minutes from Granville Island (between the Burrard St. Bridge and the Granville St. Bridge), Fisherman's Wharf is open seven days a week, rain or shine. Because the seafood available is seasonal, the volume and type of seafood for sale will vary. Check the Weekly Fish portion of their site for daily catches before you go.

    Fisherman's Wharf is also ground-zero for buying BC Spot Prawns (in season around May) and is the site of the annual Vancouver BC Spot Prawn Festival.

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    Granville Island

    Entrance to the Granville Public Market
    Robert Giroux / Getty Images

    For variety, the best places to buy local seafood in Vancouver is Granville Island, where there are several shops dedicated to local, in-season seafood.

    Inside the Granville Island Public Market, there is Longliner Seafood, which carries in-season BC fish. Outside the Market, there's The Lobster Man, which sells live shellfish. Not all of The Lobster Man's catches are local, but some are—like "Fat Bastard" oysters from Washington State—so it's definitely worth a visit.

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    The Daily Catch - Commercial Drive

    While not all of the seafood at the Daily Catch is local (though there is always a local option), 100% of their stock is Ocean Wise sustainable.

    If trekking around town in an effort to eat local in Vancouver is too hard, and you can afford the indulgence, you can get Daily Catch seafood delivered to your door via the Spud (Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery) service.

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    Lonsdale Quay - North Vancouver

    Lonsdale Quay at Seabus Terminal.
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    North Vancouver's ​Lonsdale Quay Market, like Granville Island, is a great place to buy local seafood in Vancouver. The Salmon Shop at Lonsdale Quay was a finalist for "Best Fresh Seafood" in the Best of the North Shore 2012 awards.

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    Steveston Fish Market - Richmond

    Like Vancouver's Fisherman's Wharf, the Steveston Harbour is a great place to buy local seafood in Vancouver (well, near Vancouver) because local fishermen dock there and sell their daily catches.

    Steveston is located in southwest Richmond, about an hour from downtown Vancouver, but much closer for people living in ​South Van. Most fishers sell on weekends—Friday-Sunday—so those are the best days to go. Check the Public Fish Sales Float site before you go for info on the current for-sale catches.

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    Fresh St. Market - West Vancouver

    West Vancouver's Fresh St. Market is committed to local, fresh, sustainable seafood; they even use Thisfish codes so you can track your fish from the source.

    Fresh St. Market is also the home to the annual Halibut Festival in May when 20,000 pounds of Ocean Wise sustainable halibut is brought in from BC's Haida Gwaii region.