Eating Local in Vancouver: Grocery Stores & Markets

How & Where to Buy Local Food in Vancouver

Eating local--the movement to eat locally-grown foods--is a growing movement in Vancouver. While the idea of shopping for local foods may seem daunting at first--how many grocery stores will I need to visit to get my shopping done?--it's actually much easier than you may think.

Use this Guide to Where to Buy Local Food in Vancouver, BC, to find local grocery stores and markets that carry local foods, as well as tips for finding local foods in your neighbourhood.

You can also supplement your shopping with deliveries of fresh, local produce from Vancouver CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) organizations: Eating Local in Vancouver: Local Produce & CSA Delivery Services.

On a budget? Buy your produce, meats and seafood from these markets then hit up a discount store (like Canadian Superstore) for your other essentials.

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Choices Markets - Vancouver Westside

Choices Markets in Vancouver
Image Courtesy of Choices Markets

The easiest way to eat local in Vancouver is to do all (or almost all) of your grocery shopping at a store that carries local foods. With stores that are about the size of a chain supermarket, Choices Markets are a good bet for finding both local foods and your other grocery needs in one shopping trip.

Choices Markets are B.C. owned and dedicated to natural and local foods. There are four locations in Vancouver, all on the westside: Kitsilano, Yaletown, Cambie, and Kerrisdale. There are a few other locations throughout the Lower Mainland, too.

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Granville Island - Vancouver Westside

Granville Island in Vancouver, BC
Photo by Dana Lynch

Granville Island is, in many ways, ground zero for eating local in Vancouver. The Island has many markets and local shops that offer in-season produce, seafood and products year-round.

The biggest market on the Island is, of course, the famous Granville Island Public Market, where you can find local produce (though there is also non-local produce, too, so look out for the signs that explain where the foods are sourced), local meats and local seafood (Longliner Seafood and The Salmon Shop).

Also on Granville Island:

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Commercial Drive - East Vancouver

East End Food Co-Op in Vancouver, BC
Image Courtesy of East End Food Co-Op

Like Granville Island, Commercial Drive and its environs are a mecca for eating local in Vancouver: there are many local markets here dedicated to local and natural foods.

  • East End Food Co-Op - local and non-local (but fair trade) foods
  • Daily Catch - local and non-local (but sustainable, OceanWise) seafood
  • Drive Organics - local and non-local organic products
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Vancouver Farmers Markets - Seasonal

Trout Lake Farmers Market Vancouver
Photo by Dana Lynch

Vancouver Farmers Markets are a great way to eat local in Vancouver. During the summer months (May - October), farmers markets are abundant throughout the city, but there are fewer choices through the rest of the year.

Learn more: Guide to Vancouver Farmers Markets 

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Find Local Food in Your Neighbourhood: We Heart Local App

Image Courtesy of the BC Dairy Association

Created by the BC Dairy Association, this free app for iPhone and iPad helps you find BC-grown and harvested food near you, including groceries, markets, and restaurants.

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