Eating in Astoria, Queens: Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries, and Markets

Astoria Neighborhood Dining...From Around the World

Agnanti Restaurant in Astoria
••• Agnanti Restaurant in Astoria. Photo Credit: © Alexis Arieff
Astoria is a name often on the tongues of New Yorkers who love to eat. It's more casual and cheaper than Manhattan, the ethnic foods are more traditional and less nouveau, and there's a great neighborhood vibe. Yes, there's certainly great Greek food, but that's not all by a long shot. (More on Astoria.)

Immigrants from across the globe have made Astoria famous for its varied cuisines. From many street corners, you can see the foods of five continents represented by nearby restaurants.
Astoria teems with restaurants, cafes, and small specialty markets. Not all of them are so hot. Here are some of the best in the neighborhood.

Restaurants in Astoria - Recommendations

Agnanti Restaurant (19-06 Ditmars Blvd) hits the double with excellent Greek food and a charming location right on the edge of Astoria Park. This restaurant should not be missed in the warm evenings when it's light enough to stroll the park after dinner.

Kabab Cafe (25-12 Steinway St) is a foodie pleasure palace dome, where the affable chef and owner Ali makes Egyptian food that bring gourmands to tears.

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden (29-19 24th Ave) serves Czech meat and potato dishes in a great setting. The garden is large and full of trees and picnic tables filled with folks sipping cold beer and tackling plates of hearty Czech cuisine.

Arharn Thai Restaurant (32-05 36th Ave) is a very good choice for a casual Thai meal. Entrees are $6-$9 with fried fish dishes starting at $12. Some dishes aren't printed on the menu. Ask for the country soup. Best of all for visitors, it's a close walk to the Museum of the Moving Image.

Jackson Hole Diner (69-35 Astoria Blvd) is an NYC chain that serves up a mighty fine breakfast at its vintage '50s digs.

Jackson Hole stands out for its fresh-squeezed juice, a sensation rarely tasted in Queens. Jackson Hole has earned my praise as one of the best breakfast spots in Queens.

Mombar Egyptian Restaurant (also known as Mombassa; 25-22 Steinway St) is a sight to behold. Unfortunately, I haven't ventured inside yet, but have been blown away by the ornate entrance. The owner (brother of Kabab Cafe's Ali) spent years creating the beautiful exterior and interior of his restaurant. It's now a neighborhood landmark in Little Egypt on Steinway Street.

Mundo Cafe and Restaurant (31-18E Broadway) serves an international menu with highlights from South America and the Near East.

Sac's Place ( Broadway) is the place for pizza. The restaurant offers white tablecloths, great service, and a fine selection of pastas and wine, but their pizzas are thing. Not super-thin like Grimaldis, Sac's pizza is cooked in a coal-fired oven that makes it crispy even when loaded with one of more of their superior toppings. Make mine portabello mushroom.

Cafes and Bakeries in Astoria - Recommendations

Parisi Bros. Bakery (30-17 Broadway) is a simple but quality bakery at a great location: under the tracks at the corner of Broadway and 31st Street, very convenient on your way home from the subway.
Go to the counter to pick up crusty Italian and French bread or some cookies to enjoy with coffee.

Omonia Cafe (32-20 Broadway) is a delicious Greek cafe. Sit and sip an espresso, munch on Greek and French pastries, and enjoy the neighborhood atmosphere. Omonia made the wedding cake for My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

San Antonio Bakery #2 (36-20 Astoria Blvd) serves empanadas, sandwiches, and tasty hot dogs all with a Chilean twist. Try the hot dog completo, which comes loaded with avocado, tomatoes, and mayo. The dulce de leche pasties are a hit with Joey of Astoria.

Markets and Delis in Astoria - Recommendations

D&F Italian Deli (35-13 Broadway) is a classic Italian deli, serving up scrumptious sandwiches, and stocking a good assortment of Italian cheeses, sausages, and packaged foods. D&F's fresh mozzarella is a winner.

Mediterranean Foods (30-12 34th St) is one of the best Greek markets in New York City. They offer all sorts of fresh, cured, and imported Greek foodstuffs, plus cooking utensils, like the small metal pots for brewing Greek coffee. Olives and cheese, especially feta and other Greek types, come in many varieties and are top quality. Also try the market's own sausages and meatballs. My favorite tidbits are the homemade yogurt (try some with honey for dessert) and tzatziki (wonderfully full of garlic).

Top Tomato (33-15 Ditmars Blvd) has an excellent selection of fresh vegetables and fruits. The prices are hard to beat.

Need more options? What do you think of restaurants in Astoria? Got a favorite? Or a least favorite? Please share your opinion on Astoria eats.