25 Places to Eat for Under $25 in Las Vegas

How to Eat on a Budget in Las Vegas

Pizza By The Slice At Flour And Barley
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If your goal is to eat cheaply in Las Vegas it should not be difficult to do. Set a goal to eat for under $25 and you'll be eating well at every single resort in Las Vegas.

The newest list of cheap eats in Las Vegas 77 Cheap Places to eat in Las Vegas and The best affordable restaurants in Las Vegas

Prices change all the time and menus get re-worked but this new list should get you some decent cheap food finds in Las Vegas. You can also check out the best burgers in Las Vegas as they are almost always affordable. Pizza in Las Vegas is also a good way to save money on food. Do not forget about food courts as they are also very good sources for cheap food in Las Vegas. You can also find plenty of more great spots for affordable food in Las Vegas on the cheap eating in Las Vegas page.

As you continue to do research on cheap places to eat make sure to do a little research on Las Vegas Hotels and things to do in Las Vegas. These resources will help you find some cheaper alternatives. Don't be quick to make a decision as you can often find cheaper alternatives with just a little bit of work.

Mandalay Bay

1. Hussong's Las Vegas located in the Mandalay Place. A few tacos, some chips and salsa and you have a good, cheap meal. Add in a Margarita and the price goes up.
2. House of Blues, at the Mandalay Bay. My idea of a great cheap meal: A bowl of House of Blues gumbo and a Caprese Sandwich that includes Mozzarella, Roma Tomatoes, Roasted Pepper Relish on Toasted French Bread with Pasta Salad

Also, try Burger Bar at Mandalay Place. One of the best beer selections on the Las Vegas strip and a burger under $10. Another cheap option is The Deli at the Sports Book.


3. Backstage deli at the Luxor Hotel. It’s simple and easy and open for a large portion of the day. You can get a cheap bagel sandwich to start the day or have a decent sized club sandwich for lunch at around $10
My wife loves the $9 Cobb salad and my kids can split a $3 hot dog.

Also, Tacos and Tequila is a good choice for a casual meal. Prices can escalate if you add in drinks.


4. Bucca di Peppo does family style as well as anyone at a reasonable price.

Also, Food Court on the second floor, Hot Dogs, Crispy Cream, Pizza, McDonald's.

MGM Grand has plenty of fantastic high-end restaurants but it also has a few great places to save a buck on good food.
5. witchcraft,this is a deli with a large dose of adrenaline, everything is kicked up to another level. Have anything with red meat and you will realize that sandwiches do not have to be simple packages of quick fast food. A brief culinary experience awaits you in any of their sandwiches and if you are smart, you take some extra bread just so that you can “munch” on it the rest of the day.<br/>6. Rainforest Café,This is easily one of the most surprising restaurants in Las Vegas for me. The breakfast menu is very good and very affordable. Stay away from the steak and eggs, it will become an addiction.
7. Stage Deli. Your best bet at the Stage deli is a bowl of soup and a big piece of crusty bread. Well, toss in a beer as well and you are set for way under $25.

The New York/New York Hotel and Casino offers plenty of good eating choices and a fair amount of options when looking to save some money.
8. Gonzalez Y Gonzalez located in the village eateries will satisfy your craving for Mexican food, Most of the entrées are under $15 and you can easily fill up on appetizers that are all under $10.
9. I’l Fornaio
10. Chin Chin
Also, Village Eateries, pizza, sandwiches, fish and chips and plenty more.

The Monte Carlo has a great food court for low cost meals as well as three places where you can get away from fast food and still stay under $25.
Try the D.Vino happy hour as well as Diablos for chips and salsa.

11. 800 Degree Pizza is out front and has among the best deals on food on the strip. The pizza is great and you can have it for less than $10.
12. d.Vino
13. Dragon Noodle Company

Tropicana Las Vegas
14. Bacio Comfortable, good and reasonably priced Italian in the newly remodeled Tropicana Hotel. Be careful since some entrees can blow up your final bill.
Also they have a couple of cafes that will do the trick for cheap.

15. Noodles at the Bellagio Hotel. Scan the menu and you'll find some gems for a good price.

Planet Hollywood Hotel
16. P.F. Changs
17. Cheeseburger in Paradise
You can also go outside and have a Pink's Hot Dog or a a quesadilla at Cabo Wabo

18. Earl of Sandwich at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. One of the best deals in Las Vegas.

19. Margaritaville at the Flamingo Las Vegas

Caesars Palace
20. Serendipity 3 - Large portions so you might want to split a dish and save room for dessert.
21. Cheesecake factory
The food court offers cheap sandwiches, pizza and Asian options.

23. Carnegie Deli at the Mirage is a deli where you can share a meal with a friend and still have a little left over. It’s inexpensive if you consider that ordering one item will usually more than an ample amount of food.

24. Toby Kieth’s I Love This Bar and Grill at Harrah’s is a fun spot for comfort food and beer.

Venetian Hotel and Casino
25. Try Table 10 for a lunch special or Grimaldi's for a slice of pizza.

The food court at Venetian in side the Grand canals Shoppes is among the best on the strip and the cheap food options are in abundance.

26. Taqueria Cañonita at the Venetian has a Two Taco plate that comes with rice and beans. Add in the chips and salsa and you fly under the radar at less than $20, order a beer and you can still squeeze by under $25.

27. Maggiano’s at the Fashion Show Mall

29. Lucky’s at the Statosphere Hotel is a hotel coffee shop but it is cheap and the food is good. Sometimes you get generic entreés and average food at coffee shops but Lucky’s at the Stratosphere is worth a trip to the end of the Las Vegas strip.
30. Happy Hour at the Stratosphere Hotel will make you very happy.

31. Florida Café on the Las Vegas Strip

Head to The LINQ Las Vegas for cheap Fish and Chips from Gordon Ramsay or pizza by the slice as well as drink specials.

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has secret pizza for a low price and across the street at the Miracle mile shops Pin-up Pizza has giant slices for a low price as well.

You probably need more ideas, right? Check out the cheap eating page

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