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Trump Pizza For "Tiny Fingers" and Trump Sandwiches Made With Lots of Bologna

Trump Pizza
Joe's World Famous Pizza

There are Internet memes, videos, parodies, and much more about the presumptive 2016 Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump.  If you'd rather put your mouth where the money is . . . then head to these cheeky restaurants which have produced their own take on Trump.  They sell everything from Trump pizza to Trump sandwiches and Trump tacos.  And, if you'd prefer to make your own Trump-style food at home, there are cookie cutters and cake pop ideas, too!

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Trump Pizza For "Little Tiny Fingers"

Vinnie's Pizza The Donald Drumpf Combo
Vinnie's Pizza Facebook

Vinnie's Pizza in Portland, Oregon, is offering up the "Donald Drumpf Combo" (referring to the John Oliver segment about Trump) and the "Wall" pizza, which is a combination pizza that contains three toppings of the customer's choice and triple cheese.  It doesn't sound all that Trump-like until the restaurant gets into the description explaining why the Donald Drumpf Combo is "making American pizza great again."  

A promotional sign reads, "It's a wall of a pizza, overdone and overblown. Cut in slices that little tiny fingers can handle. Everybody likes it. It's everyone's favorite. It's the best built pizza you'll ever see. I guarantee it. Not for losers and haters."  The sign goes on to say, "I love the pizzas and the pizzas love me. You can use cash, credit card, or send the bill to Mexico. They'll pay for it. I guarantee the Mexicans will pay for it!"

If the restaurant was really doing it right, they would serve the pizza with a fork, because everyone knows that Trump doesn't like eating with his hands!

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Cheesy Trump Pizza

Trump Pizza
Joe's World Famous Pizza

Joe's World Famous Pizzeria in Athens, Alabama, has created a cheesy Trump-faced pizza.  Owner Joe Carlucci worked with high school artist Morgan Griess to design the pizza.  Griess sketched Trump's face on to the cheese and Carlucci cut the cheese, placed it on the pizza, and baked it.  It took them about 2 1/2 hours to complete the pizza.  

“Trump has taken a bite out of everyone so far … so maybe somebody will take a bite out of the pizza,” said Carlucci. “Or maybe we can make Mr. Trump a pizza and ship it to him!”

"The Donald" is available for pre-order for $59 per pie and a portion from the sales' proceeds go to Griess.  

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Trump Sandwich Is Full of Bologna

Trump Sandwich
American City Diner

American City Diner owner Jeffrey Gildenhorn doesn't like Trump much and he's made it a point to lambast the politician in creative (and funny) ways.  The billboard outside of his restaurant has included slogans like, "Don't Let Trump Steal Christmas" and "Humpty Trumpty Will Have a Good Fall."

But, he made the biggest splash with his Trump Sandwich, which he proudly proclaimed was "full of bologna."  Within four days, he went through 20 pounds of bologna and the restaurant previously didn't even carry bologna, the New York Post reported.

Located in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Gildenhorn's restaurant is a revamp of a 1950s diner, complete with neon signs, stainless steel rimmed tables, and plush red polyester benches.  It's been a popular spot for locals to chat about politics which makes it no surprise that the Trump sandwich has sold so well here.   

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The Trump Sandwich Filled With B.S. (Bacon Slices)

Trump Sandwich at Kountry Kart Deli

 In Vermont, home of Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders, anti-Trump fever runs high.  When Trump campaigned in Vermont, Kountry Kart Deli created a special Trump sandwich for the event.  The Trump Sandwich was white bread "filled with b.s." (bacon slices) and bologna, with white American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and deli mustard.  The deli added that there "will be no spicy mustard here---we built a wall around it."

The sandwich was priced at $20.16, presumably representing the election year, and while nobody purchased the sandwich, reactions were positive.  Kountry Kart employee Emily Brownsword said that, “People have been coming by and stopping to take pictures, and talking about it inside."

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Taco Del Donald Trump

Trump Taco
Ulises Erives

In Mexico, Humberto Erives has created a Taco Del Donald Trump, which has a lot of tongue, a little brain, and a bit of pig's snout, as well.  Erives came up with the idea for the taco after Trump made disparaging comments about Mexicans sending rapists and criminals to the United States.  Erives serves many politician-inspired tacos, and while many of them have lots of tongue and little brain, the special addition to the Trump taco is a bit of pig's snout.  The taco sells for about $1.00 USD and has brought many travelers in to try food at Erives' Taqueria el Tio Beto.

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Trump Pictured Cookies

Candidate Cookies
Cupcake Market

Cupcake Market in New York City sold hand-painted Candidate Cookies, featuring Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders, each for $8.50 during the Primaries.  Presumably, the store will sell these Candidate Cookies when the election season ramps up.  Owner Sarah Silverman said that the cookies flew off the shelves and they had to shut down the store to make more.  A few kids were particularly excited about buying the Trump cookie, saying that they couldn't wait to "bite his nose off."  

Cupcake Market isn't the only one to make candidate cookies.  Kiedrowski's Simply Delicious Bakery in Amherst, Ohio, has been making candidate cookies since 2008.  About 10 to 15 dozen candidate cookies are sold daily.  

If you're a Trump supporter, Zazzle sells up a huge assortment of Trump cookies, with slogans and likenesses on them, including some chocolate covered Oreo Trump cookies (though Trump famously said that he won't eat Oreos since they are being produced in Mexico.)

Or, if you want to make your own anti-Trump cookies, you can purchase a Dump Trump cookie cutter for $10.99 at Things 4 Thinkers.  

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Trump Cake Pops

Donald Trump Cake Pops

You can't buy these, but Janine, the blogger at, made some hilarious Trump cake pops.  She writes, "[f]rom the distinct orange glow of his skin to the questionable style of his hair, everything about Donald Trump that makes him mesmerizing to watch also makes him the perfect subject for a celebrity cake pop."  The trademark flyaway hair was made from candy corn cotton candy, and she placed the heads on stock card cutouts.  

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