September in Eastern Europe: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

Fall in Prague

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September is an ideal month for travel to Eastern Europe. Crowds have died down, the summer heat has faded, and autumn brings with it a soft beauty that can be captured in photographs and memories. Fortunately, the waning crowds don't mean that events have ended, and there are plenty of seasonal festivals, outdoor events, and festive celebrations throughout the region all month long.

Whether you're visiting Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Bratislava, Krakow, Moscow, or Ljubljana—or anywhere between—you'll find plenty to do, see, and discover in Eastern Europe this September.

Prague in fall
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Eastern Europe Weather in September

Temperatures constantly fall throughout the month of September across Eastern Europe, starting with highs above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) and lows around 50 F (10 C) and dropping to highs in the 60s F (below 20 C) and lows in the 40s F (below 5 C) by the end of the month. Overall, the weather remains relatively pleasant day and night throughout September with little chance of extreme temperatures in any part of the region.

Rainfall occurs on at little less than half of the days in September for most of these cities, accumulating between 1.5 to 2 inches (38 to 55 millimeters) of precipitation per location throughout the month. However, the further north and east you go, the more rainfall you should expect, especially closer to October and the fall season.

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What to Pack

With pleasant daytime highs and slightly chilly nightly lows, you'll need to pack a variety of clothing to accommodate the weather in Eastern Europe this time of year. Be sure to pack items you can layer like short and long-sleeved shirts, pullover hoodies and cardigans, and a variety of pants and shorts. Also bring comfortable shoes, a light umbrella, and maybe even a light jacket to accommodate for rainy, colder days and nights in the region.

The Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland
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September Events in Eastern Europe

No matter where you go in Eastern Europe in September, you're sure to run into several great cultural festivals, culinary events, and chances to celebrate the people and customs of the region.

  • St. Wenceslas Festival of Sacred Arts Music: In addition to concerts, this Prague festival also hosts a variety of discussions with performers and music workshops for performers of all experience levels.
  • Prague Autumn Festival: This event celebrates the season with a variety of performances from leading orchestras and soloists from the Czech Republic as well as famous musicians from around the world.
  • National Gallop: This exciting equestrian event on Heroes' Square in Budapest features a variety of races, food events, and cultural shows around the city.
  • Budapest International Wine Festival: To celebrate the start of the harvest season, Buda Castle in Budapest hosts this wine festival where you can sample the flavors and spirits of Hungary.
  • Festival of Jewish Culture: This celebration of Jewish heritage and culture is held on Pozna Street in Warsaw and features a variety of music and dance performances, traditional cuisine, and historical exhibits in the area around this famous section of the city.
  • Festival of Circus Arts: Another Warsaw event, this festival invites the world's best circus troupes to perform over several days in early September each year.
  • Old Craftsman's Days: Featuring demonstrations and crafts that take visitors back to medieval times in Bratislava, this annual festival fills the streets of the capital city of Slovakia with throngs of visitors and artisans alike.
  • Dachshund Parade: Owners dress up their small dogs and parade them through the streets of Krakow, Poland, for this annual family-friendly event.
  • Russian Fashion Week: Held in the spring and fall each year in Moscow, Russian Fashion Week is a celebration of the latest trends in high-end fashion.
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September Travel Tips

  • You'll love exploring Ljubljana during the month of September. Be sure to take advantage of the outdoor market, visit Ljubljana castle, and treat yourself to a rich pastry and a coffee in one of Ljubljana's cafes.
  • September through November is considered the off-peak season for tourism across most of Eastern Europe, meaning you'll find discounts on hotels, restaurants, and airfare throughout most of the month.
  • Since countries and cities in Eastern Europe are relatively close and the weather is consistent across the region, you can always add multiple destinations to your trip to the region. Consider booking a guided tour of multiple cities if you plan to be in the area for more than a week this month.
  • Like in the United States, the leaves on trees in many areas of Eastern Europe—especially in the south—begin to change colors, providing breathtaking opportunities for travelers to experience the fall foliage inside and outside the region's biggest cities.