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Czech Folk Dance
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Eastern Europe is full of beautiful sights - from untouched natural landscapes, ancient palaces, and quaint houses, to bustling city squares, modern architecture, and surprising artwork.

Photos of Eastern Europe don't always do their subjects justice. But they can give you a hint as to what you'll encounter when you travel to Eastern and Central Europe. If you've never been to Eastern Europe, these photos will help fill you in on what you've been missing - and maybe even prompt you to book a flight.

Russia Photos

  • Russian Culture 101 in Photos: Never seen a samovar? Want to know what a balalaika is? Can't remember what the Russian Flag looks like? Learning is visual in Russian Culture 101 in Photos.
  • Photo Tour of the Moscow Kremlin: Wander through Cathedral Square, come face-to-face with the world's largest bell and cannon, and learn a little history about the Kremlin on the side.
  • Photo Gallery of Russian Souvenirs: From matryoshka dolls to Gzhel ceramics to drinking glasses bearing the likenesses of Russian leaders, Russian souvenirs make fun mementos and gifts.
  • Photo Tour through St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg is one of Eastern Europe's most glittering cities.
  • Matryoshka Dolls Photo Gallery: With their rosy cheeks and vibrant colors, matryoshka dolls make treasured souvenirs from Russia.

Ukraine Photos

  • Ukraine Culture 101 in Photos: This crash course on Ukrainian culture begins with Ukraine's significant historical figures, Ukrainian dishes, and Ukraine rural life.
  • Ukraine Culture 102 in Photos: Continue through Ukrainian cultural highlights with photos of Ukraine's national dress, Ukrainian eggs, and Ukrainian embroidery.
  • Kiev Photos: These photo galleries feature Kiev churches, monuments, and other sights.
  • Photos of Ukraine by Michael Nakonachny: Photos of Ukraine and some of Ukraines most in-need citizens - orphans.

Prague and Czech Republic Photos

Poland Photos

Croatia Photos

  • Croatian Culture in Photos: Explore the colorful world of Croatian culture and historical heritage.
  • Croatian World Heritage Sites: Croatian World Heritage Siies include well-preserved historic monuments and unique landscapes.
  • Croatian Castles in Photos: Croatia's castles create scenery full of mystery and romance.
  • Photos of Easter in Zagreb: Zagreb celebrates Easter with a market, traditional pastries, and giant Easter eggs.

Hungary Photos

Bulgaria Photos

  • Bulgarian Culture 101 in Photos: Ever wondered about Bulgarian traditional dress or what the Bulgarian national flag looks like? Or how about holidays in Bulgaria, like Christmas, Easter and . . . Baba Marta? Learn more about these important cultural aspects of Bulgarian culture in Bulgarian Culture 101 in Photos.
  • Photos of Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Plovdiv is a popular day trip from Sofia. Catch a glimpse here.

Lithuania Photos

  • Lithuania Culture 101 in Photos: Lithuanian culture is steeped in agriculture, fishing, and folk crafts. View photos of Lithuanian cottages, the Lithuanian flag, and the Lithuanian coat of arms in addition to other aspects of Lithuanian culture.

Estonia Photos

  • Photos of Tallinn, Estonia: Tallinn is a beautiful Baltic city with a lot of unique characteristics. Take a look!

Latvia Photos

  • Latvia Culture 101 in Photos: Latvian wedding traditions, traditional Latvian dress, and the Latvian monument to liberty is featured in this photo gallery.

Romania Photos

  • Romania Culture in Photos 101: Romanian culture, with its beautiful folk art, tradition of wood carving, ancient history, and traditional cuisine, makes visitors feel right at home.
  • Dracula Photos: Romania is known for its vampire tradition and as the home of Dracula. See Dracula in Romania through these photos.
  • Photo Tour of Bucovina and Bucovina's Churches: Bucovina is famous for its Painted Monasteries and rural churches.
  • Romania Castles in Photos: Photos and information about Romania's castles and palaces.

Slovenia Photos

  • Slovenia Culture 101 in Photos: Slovenian national costumes, Slovenian traditional foods, and Slovenian traditions are featured in the culture photo gallery of this Southeastern European nation.
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