Eastern Europe in May

May Travel Guides for Eastern Europe's Top Destinations

May is a lovely time of year to travel to Eastern Europe. Crowds won't be as thick as they are during high summer, but temperatures will be comfortable (even though some cities are rainy during May). Planning a trip to Eastern Europe in May will offer you many of the benefits of summer travel without some of the inconveniences, like inpenetrable crowds, that are a part of summer travel to the region.

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    Prague Castle and city, Prague, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic
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    Prague's May calendar will suit a variety of travelers. Enjoy either the Prague Spring music festival or the Prague Festival of Czech Beer in May.

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    Hungary's favorite spirit, palinka, is celebrated during the Palinka Festival during the month of May. If you don't like this famous fruit brandy, opt for a glass of Hungarian wine, or enjoy a dessert in one of Hungary's famous cafes, instead.

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    Music fills the air in Warsaw in May from classical music in Lazienki Park to hip-hop music for the Open Breakdance Championship.

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    An annual contemporary dance festival comes to Bratislava during the month of May. The historic old town is aflush with late spring warmth during the month of May and must be explored!

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    So many events occur in May in Krakow, you'll hard-pressed to choose from them all. Plus, the fine weather will have you exploring the historic center on foot.

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    Vilnius dances into May with festivals that celebrate traditional performing arts.