How Is Easter Celebrated in Denmark?

Easter eggs in Copenhagen, Denmark Images

In Denmark, the Easter decorations in homes and shops are green and yellow and often feature daffodils or newly-grown branches. Eggs are colored and are often added as decoration. Keep the national holidays in mind when you plan your trip and activities.


There is a unique Danish Easter tradition: The custom of sending teaser letters. A few weeks before Easter (generally done on Valentine's Day), Danes cut out letters on which they write a secret poem. They send the letter anonymously (accompanied by a snowdrop flower) and only sign it with dots for their name. If the recipient can guess or find out who sent the Easter poem, he or she receives the reward in the form of an egg at Easter.


Denmark's traditional Easter food consists of types of eggs and Danish locals often add to this chicken, fish, or lamb at Easter.

Fun Fact

"Easter" in Danish is Påske.

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