Earth Day Freebies and Deals

Celebrate Earth Day 2019 With These Freebies and Deals

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Earth Day 2019 is on Monday, April 22. And here, you will find Earth Day freebies and deals to help you celebrate the planet. Read the list below to get Earth Day freebies like milkshakes and more.

Tip: Even though the freebies below are Earth Day freebies, not all of them are necessarily available on Earth Day. Please check the details of each offer to see which day it's available before you head out for the freebie.

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Free Milkshake at EVOS (April 22, 2019)

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EVOS has a tasty Earth Day freebie. Stop by an EVOS near you on Earth Day to get a free organic milkshake.

There's no purchase required to get this freebie and you'll get to choose which flavor you want.

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Free Workouts at Youfit Health Clubs (April 22, 2019)

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Youfit Health Clubs are opening up to the public and offering free workouts on Monday, April 22.

There will be free workouts, group exercise classes, a glow stick cycle party, games, giveaways, prizes, and Earth Day prize packs. 

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Staples Coupon for Recycling Electronics (April 21-27, 2019)

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Staples is giving out a $10 off $30 coupon when you donate your old electronics April 21-27.

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