Paradise Found at Dwarka Eco Beach Resort Goa

Dwarka Eco Beach Resort
••• Dwarka Eco Beach Resort
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    About Dwarka Eco Beach Resort

    Dwarka Eco Beach Resort
    ••• Sharell Cook.

    Imagine a serene lagoon, surrounded by a long stretch of secluded palm grove and separated from the ocean by a sandbar. Nestled among the palm trees are 10 thatched cottages, each made out of natural fiber. As you relax in a chair or hammock in front of them, you can see both the lagoon and ocean. You can hear the roar of the ocean as well. Yet, it looks as still as the lagoon, as its waves crash out of sight on the other side of the sandbar.

    This is Dwarka Eco Beach Resort, one of the best beach huts in Goa. And, it's every bit as idyllic as it sounds. Named after the abode of Lord Krishna, Dwarka is a place where you can nourish your body and soul in a mesmerizing setting that's been kept as natural as possible.

    Green, Quiet, and Eco Friendly

    When owners Clemente and Arlene opened Dwarka in 2005, they did so with a sustainable and eco-friendly focus in mind. As Goan locals, they'd witnessed the destructive effect of development on the state and were determined to engage in...MORE tourism differently. Their vision was to preserve the environment and build an aesthetically pleasing resort that blended in with it.

    Dwarka occupies a substantial portion of land. There's easily room for at least another 20 cottages on the property. However, Clemente and Arlene have chosen to restrict the number of cottages and forgo profits in order to achieve their dream. The cottages are spaced well apart, so you won't have to worry about being bothered by noise from other guests. In fact, a lot of the time, you won't even notice the other guests. This makes Dwarka an extremely peaceful place to be.

    A Private Resort

    What's also pleasing for those who love solitude is that the owners don't allow anyone apart from guests on the property. This means that there are no tourists or people from surrounding resorts walking through Dwarka or dining at its beach-side restaurant. It's exclusive and protected.

    Dwarka is definitely not for those who are loud and boisterous, looking to party, like lots of activities, or even need access to the Internet or phone (there is no signal there). Alternatively, if you value tranquility, you'll think it's paradise found!

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    About the Location: Cola Beach

    ••• Outlook to beach at Dwarka. Sharell Cook.

    Dwarka Eco Beach Resort is located at Cola beach in south Goa. Not many people have heard of this beach. And, those who haven't, often mistake its name for touristy Colva beach. Although both beaches are situated in south Goa, it is in fact a very different beach.

    Just a few kilometers north of Agonda beach, Cola (also known as Khola) is remote and inaccessible -- and that's what keeps it so secluded and hidden! Dwarka is reached via its own private entrance way -- an unsealed and rather bumpy dirt track that extends for around three kilometers. Even if you knew Dwarka was there, you'd have trouble finding it.

    Apart from Dwarka, there are only a couple of other resorts along Cola beach. The largest of them, Blue Lagoon, has a substantial 30 tents and beach huts. It gets quite crowded, as it's frequented by a growing number of day-trippers and locals from surrounding areas who aren't staying there. Hence, you'll appreciate Dwarka's exclusivity.

    Getting to Dwarka

    D...MOREwarka is around 45 kilometers from the airport in Goa. The drive takes a bit over an hour. The staff will arrange for a car to pick you up, so you'll have no difficulties finding it.

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    About the Accommodations: Beach Huts

    New premium cottage at Dwarka.
    ••• New premium cottage at Dwarka. Dwarka Goa

    The 10 cottages at Dwarka are spacious and have attached bathrooms. The bedrooms measure 13 x 13 feet and the bathrooms are 13 x 6 feet.

    Although the exteriors of the cottages may be rustic, their interiors are stylish, bright, contemporary -- and most importantly clean and comfortable. The owners have gone to the effort of making the cottages as luxurious as possible, including fans, bed side tables, fluffy pillows, soft mattress underlays, top quality linen, woven rugs, colorful cushions, and gorgeous lampshades handmade out of material from recycled saris. There are also lockers in each cottage for guests to store their valuables in.

    The bathrooms are attractive as well, with brass fittings, excellent water pressure, western style toilets, basins and mirrors. The only drawback is that there's no hot water. Buckets of hot water will be provided upon request though.

    What's important to keep in mind is that the cottages are impermanent structures. They're dismantled every year...MORE just before the monsoon season. It takes around two months to rebuild them after the monsoon is over and they stay up for less than six months. Even the sand has to be carted in, as it's all washed away by the monsoon rain.

    When is Dwarka Open?

    Dwarka operates from the beginning of October until near the end of April each year. According to the owners, the huts at Dwaka remain relatively cool in the summer as they're well ventilated and receive a pleasant breeze.

    What are the Rates?

    Expect to pay 12,000 rupees per night, including all meals, for a double premium cottage (these are the newest cottages overlooking the ocean, as pictured above). Book online at the Dwarka website.

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    Facilities and Activities at Dwarka

    Dwarka Eco Beach Resort
    ••• Dwarka Eco Beach Resort

    Meals at Dwarka are served buffet style at the resort's restaurant by the lagoon and beach, and dinner is sometimes even served on the beach. The food tasty and always freshly prepared. Seafood is feature. Wine, beer, cocktails and fabulous filter coffee are also available. Vegetarian cuisine can be prepared on request.

    The staff, most of whom come from the Himalayan region, are friendly, efficient, and helpful. The welcoming owners take a personal interest in the well being of guests and can often be seen around the property, checking that everyone is satisfied and enjoying themselves.

    While most guests simply like to lounge on a sunbed, or go swimming or kayaking in the lagoon, there are numerous options for other things to do. One of the most enjoyable activities is a nature walk to a temple and local village. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, you can hike to the top of the cliff above the resort for fabulous views. Massage, yoga, bird watching, fishing, and day trips to...MORE surrounding areas are possible too. In the night, sit under the stars by a bonfire on the beach.