Dutch Oven Camping Recipes

Food tastes better cooked outdoors, at the campground, and in a Dutch oven

Blackberry Dump Cake
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There's nothing like cooking over the campfire in the great outdoors. If you want to cook with a Dutch oven, you'll need a few supplies and a great recipe. Check out our list of essential tools for Dutch oven cooking and keep reading for our favorite Dutch Oven camping recipes.

Apple Cider Stew
A camping recipe from Marvin. This can be a meal in itself. The beef can be pre-cooked at home. You should finish the stew over a bed of coals on the campfire.

Apple Crisp
A camping recipe from Sheryl. It's a highly adaptable recipe that is good for dessert as well as breakfast.

Apple Dumplings
An apple dumplings recipe submitted by a seasoned camper, Toni.

Beans o' Fire
A favorite camping recipe from Rodney Jordan. The ingredients in this recipe may be varied somewhat. The flavor comes primarily from the sausage.

Biscuit Stew
A camping recipe from Jerry. This is super easy to make and really sticks to your ribs. Because of the size of an RV oven, you can't make much more than this at one time. Use a rack setting as far away from the heat source as possible to prevent burning the bottom of the biscuits.

Bryan's Dutch Oven Stew
A camping recipe from Bryan. A hearty one-pot meal. If you like dumplings, you can add a can of bicuits to the top and let cook for 15 minutes longer.

Cajun Yellow Rice
A camping recipe from Robert Partigianoni. You will find that this simple breakfast meal will become the all time favorite.

Very few breakfast dishes will have the flavor of this meal. This is a meal within itself, or it can be served using smaller portions as a side dish to any meal that you would serve rice.

Camp Beef Stew
A camping recipe from Randy. Prepare at least a day before camping. While camping, your prep work is done and the stew can cook for 2-3 hours while you do other things!

Camper's Paprikash
A camping recipe from Jeanine. This dish tastes great, especially in the spring and fall or when having any late summer suppers. It's warm, sweet and spicy, but not too peppery for the kids.

Campfire Chicken
A camping recipe from Bob. I tried this by accident one night during a Scout campout, and everyone loved it.

Campfire Stew
A camping recipe from Terri. I learned to make this in scouting when I was only 8 years old. Now my four children nearly demand I make it at least once a month at home.

Carrot Cake
A camping recipe from Kay Reynolds. Watch out for the cake sheriff. This recipe is a great company pleaser. Best when cooked in a Dutch oven. I call this my Cherokee Ridge Pioneer Carrot Cake.

A camping recipe from David. I make this in a Dutch oven, and I serve it with root vegetables.

Cherry Chocolate Cake
A camping recipe from StrGazr. I am a Tiger Cub Leader for cub scouts, and I learned this at our recent pow-wow in a class about campsite cooking.

Cherry Upside Down Cake
A camping recipe from Neilzp. This is an elegant dessert that will delight any age of campers. Even young children can help make this, all but the turning the cake over when done. If really camping out in the rough, this is a tummy pleaser and eye opener.

Chicken and Dumplings
A camping recipe from David. This is an easy one pot meal.

Chicken Creole
A camping recipe from David. This quick recipe can be prepared on a two-burner camp stove with a big skillet and a 2-quart pot with a lid, or you can prepare everything in a 12-inch Dutch oven.

Chicken Dumplings
A camping recipe from Randy Simpson. This recipe is mistake resistant, and it provides a balanced meal. You can get fancy by adding thyme or white pepper to the dough mixture for seasoned dumplings.

Chicken Pot Pie
A camping recipe from Dan. This is an easy Dutch oven recipe.

Chicken Stew
A camping recipe from Ron. This is an easy Dutch oven stew.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
A camping recipe from Danica. These are the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted. I think the reason why they are so good is the smaller air space in the Dutch oven keeps them moist throughout the cooking.

They taste amazing while they are still warm and great even after a few days.

Cinnamon Pull-a-Part
A camping recipe from Ralph. I am scoutmaster and the scouts expect me to make this every time we go camping. I think this is why they come.

Cobbler, The Real Thing
A camping recipe from Chunkydog32@aol.com. This is an incredibly easy dessert to make and is sure to make you the hero of the camping trip. Amateur dump-cake makers need not apply.

Corn Bread
A camping recipe from David. This is an easy corn bread recipe that you can make right at the campground in your Dutch oven.

Cuban Pork
A camping recipe from Tere. This is a true Taino Indian recipe from Cuba, which belonged to my grandmother.

Dad's Biscuits
A camping recipe from J.T. Premixed, it doesn't require refrigeration and can be carried in a backpack. I have used this recipe at home and in camp for about 40 years now and it always pays off with compliments and requests for more.

Deb's Chicken and Dumplings
A camping recipe from Debbie Manelli. The dumplings make the gravy creamy and rich, and the leftovers, if there are any, are great for lunch the next day.

Deep Fried Chicken
A camping recipe from Sue. This recipe is a nice change for a meal and kids like it.

Dublin Coddle
A camping recipe from Phil B. This traditional Dublin Saturday night dish was usually served when the men came home from the pub and maybe with a bottle of stout brought home for her.

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Dutch Oven Biscuits
A camping recipe from David. Fill the campground with the smell of hot biscuits from the oven.

Dutch Oven Cornish Game Hens
A camping recipe from Robin. I love to cook and use my Dutch oven. I just made this recipe up while walking through the store wondering what would be different for camping.

Dutch Oven Ham Casserole
A camping recipe from Michelle Kringen. This casserole is good for breakfast or dinner.

It is sort of like a quiche but not so eggy.

Dutch Oven Muffins
A camping recipe from David. What a great treat to go with a hot cup of coffee. And to think you can make these muffins right at your campsite.

Dutch Oven Pork Roast
A camping recipe from Carrie. The pork roast doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, as it will be slow cooked to spoon-tenderness.

Easy Chicken Pot Pie
A camping recipe from Judy. Bake this recipe in your RV, or prepare it in a Dutch oven.

Easy Dutch Oven Cobbler
A camping recipe from Mike Pierce. This quick and easy recipe will satisfy any sweet-tooth.

Egg Sausage Bake
A camping recipe from Rev. Schultz. We have been campers for ten-plus years. I frequently make this breakfast. One can double the recipe, using the appropriate cooking pot. When the recipe is doubled, bake/cooking over campfire - 50-55 minutes. This dish is a sought-after breakfast.

Enchilada Casserole
A camping recipe from Dennis Niccum.

Keep a close eye on the progress of this dish, and it'll turn out great. Ole!

English Roast
A camping recipe from Shadows. This has become a favorite of my reenacting friends.

Fruit Cobbler Delight
A camping recipe from Star Man Jim. The smell of this cobbler baking will have your mouth watering.

Garlic Potatoes
A camping recipe from bigdaddy.

The aroma during baking is to die for. My children and wife just love this dish. When camping I cook over the fire in a Dutch oven. Make these as a dish along side that juicy steak or even with a hamburger.

Gingerbread and Applesauce
A camping recipe from Back Roads. This dessert is also good for breakfast the next morning.

Green Chili Turkey Stuffing
A camping recipe from Helen Howard. Very savory and smells divine while cooking.

Hearty Pork and Beans
A camping recipe from David. You'll need two Dutch ovens and plenty of time to prepare this crowd pleaser.

Larry's Soup
A camping recipe from Brian. Everyone seems to love it. During cool weather, even more so.

Maple Apple Dumplings
A camping recipe from Hague Freezeout. This tastes great. After 25 minutes check on it. Be sure somebody is there watching because you will be weak in the knees from the great smell.

Monkey Bread
A camping recipe from A. M. Fouts. The first time we made this recipe we walked the whole campground and everyone had a chance to enjoy it.

Mountain Man Breakfast
A camping recipe from Mountain Man. At the campground, prepare this recipe in a Dutch oven, then slice and serve it like quiche. But it is better when prepared in your kitchen oven.

Just mix it up and place in a large flat glass baking dish and bake at 350 for 15 minutes. It is really good and hardy, and you will absolutely get rave reviews.

Oxtail Potjie
Inspired by my wife, Jenny, who cooks her oxtail in Old Brown Sherry. The recipe serves 4 to 5 people and I recommend a no. 3 pot.

Peach Raspberry Cobbler
A camping recipe from Tony. A simple Dutch oven dessert. Serve warm and become a camp cook hero!

Pigs in a Blanket
A camping recipe from Dan's Chuck Wagon. I like this, because it is simple and kids, along with adults, love it. Put it on a stick, and kids can eat it like a corndog.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
A camping recipe from Debe. Other cake mixes can be used. We tried a confetti mix, and it was great.

Polish Trainwreck
A camping recipe from Scout Is. Twin Rivers BSA. Called a Polish Trainwreck because everything is thrown together.

Of course the Kielbasa and cabbage makes it Polish. Good eats.

Porcupine Stew
A camping recipe from Rhonda. My kids love this recipe. It can be cooked on the Coleman stove or over coals. You can also substitute instant rice and broth for water and Rice-A-Roni.

Pot of Gold
A camping recipe from Donna Schnees. This recipe was a favorite of mine in Girl Scouts.

Pretty Good Pork
A camping recipe from Momcat. Pretty good pork loin, made in a Dutch oven, makes four hearty servings.

Pulled Pork Barbecue
A camping recipe from David. There are many variations of making this traditional southern delicacy, and they are all good. However, if you are into Dutch oven cooking, you might like to try this slow-cook method at the campground.

Pulled Pork Ribs
A camping recipe from GreyGhost. Might be slow cooking, but set it up in the morning and come back at dinner time. Very easy to make and not a lot to do to prepare it either.

Rabbit Fricassee
A camping recipe from David. This is a typical fricasse where the rabbit is browned and then stewed in gravy and served over rice.

Salisbury Steak
A camping recipe from Rhonda.

Sausage and Corn Bread Bake
A camping recipe from Drew. Try substituting bacon for the sausage (even better - in addition to) and French bread chunks. I have added diced green peppers and skipped the potatoes.

Shrimp and Hotroot Soup
A camping recipe from Jonathan. This is one of my favorite recipes. Be careful, it's very spicy, but it's very good.

Shrimp and Kielbasa
A camping recipe from Cathy. An easy One Pot Meals.

Sizzlin' Steak
A camping recipe from Mark Thompson. A very tender steak, if not cooked to well done. Never pierce meat or you will make it dry and tough, use tongs.

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