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Dupont Circle

 TripSavvy / Rachel Cooper

The Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC has some of the city's finest museums, historic homes and foreign embassies as well as a variety of ethnic restaurants, bookstores, and private art galleries. The circle itself is a park and one of the prime green spaces in the heart of the nation's capital. It is popular place for people to gather to enjoy fresh air on a nice day.

Enjoy these photos of the Dupont Circle area and get a glimpse of the key attractions in this cosmopolitan neighborhood.

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The Dupont Circle Fountain

Photo &copy Rachel Cooper, licensed to, Inc.

In the center of Dupont Circle is a fountain designed by Daniel Chester French and architect Henry Bacon, the co-creators of the Lincoln Memorial. The fountain features carvings of three classical figures symbolizing the sea, the stars and the wind.

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Historic Mansions in Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle Mansion
© John Lovette/Getty Images

During the late 1800s, many mansions were built  in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC.  The architecture in the area ranges from Beaux-Arts to Queen Anne and more. The Historic District is roughly bounded by Rhode Island Avenue, NW; M and N Sts., NW, on the south; Florida Avenue, NW, on the west; Swann St., NW, on the north; and the 16th Street Historic District on the east. 

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Phillips Collection

Photo © Phillips Collection

The Phillips Collection is a small modern art museum located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood  at 1600 21st Street, NW, Washington, DC.  The museum features a collection of nearly 2,500 works by American and European impressionist and modern artists.

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Embassy Row and Other Embassies

Embassy Row
© Buyenlarge/Getty Images

Many historic mansions and row homes in the Dupont Circle area are now used as foreign embassies. Embassy Row refers to a part of the city where many of the embassies are located, along Massachusetts Avenue extending toward the National Cathedral. See a map and learn more about Embassy Row. 

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National Georgraphic Explorers Hall

Photo &copy Heather Hoffman, National Geographic Society

Located at National Geographic's Washington, DC headquarters at 17th and M Streets near Dupont Circle, the museum exhibits past and current expeditions, adventures, and scientific research. The National Geographic Museum hosts special programs throughout the year that include films, lectures, concerts and family events.

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Woodrow Wilson House

Woodrow Wilson House
© Rachel Cooper

Woodrow Wilson House is Washington's only presidential museum. It was the final home of our 28th President. Furnished as it was in Wilson's time, the 1915 Georgian Revival home near Dupont Circle ( at 2340 S St. NW Washington DC)  is a living textbook of modern American life in the 1920s. 

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Dupont Circle Apartments

McCormack Apartments
© Buyenlarge/Getty Images

Many historic properties in the Dupont Circle neighborhood have been converted to apartment buildings and are a prime location for urban living. 

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