Dublin's General Post Office of Easter 1916 Fame

Historic Landmark Dominating O'Connell Street in Dublin

Dublin's GPO
© Bernd Biege 2014

The General Post Office or GPO in O'Connell Street is one of the top ten sights of Dublin. Not only does the massive classical building dominate Dublin's main thoroughfare, it also is the iconic symbol of the failed 1916 Easter Rising. Here the short-lived Irish Republic was proclaimed by Patrick Pearse ... a few days later only some smoldering ruins were left. Several renovations restored the GPO to its former glory, making it a must-see in Ireland's capital.


  • Focal point of the 1916 Easter Rising, lovingly restored.
  • Impressive traditional interior.
  • Home to the Cuchullain statue remembering 1916.
  • Home of An Post's Philatelic Office.


  • Working post office - may be crowded at times.
  • Paintings depicting the events and heroes of 1916 no longer on display.


  • Built in the first half of the 19th century in a classical style with a massive portico.
  • Virtually destroyed by shelling and fire during the Easter Rising of 1916.
  • Restored GPO still dominates O'Connell Street and is a must-see in Dublin.
  • Curious Fact: The site of the GPO was originally earmarked for a Roman-Catholic Cathedral.

Guide Review 

The GPO should be seen by every visitor to Dublin. It is also not easy to miss, being the largest building on O'Connell Street and right at the center of Dublin's Northside. The impressive exterior is matched by a restored interior. But the wood-and-brass details are actually in use, usually it is quite busy here.

Most tourists will catch a quick glimpse and then head for the famous Cuchullain statue. And be disappointed that it is virtually impossible to get a good picture of this - tucked into a window it presents the back to the visitor. The front is only visible from the outside. And the reflections in the glass will make decent photography near impossible. Another disappointment might be the missing paintings. Up until 2005 a series of paintings in the main hall depicted the events of 1916, they were taken down when the interior was repainted.

When at the GPO, pay a visit to the Philatelic Office. The commemorative stamps from roughly the last two years are on sale here - a souvenir idea?