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    Burj Al Arab Hotel

    ••• Dubai's Iconic Structure Dubai's most iconic hotel, inside and out. © Burj Al Arab Hotel.

    Enjoy these pictures of Dubai, which is located on the Arabian Peninsula beside the Persian Gulf. Then find out more about this exotic destination by reading Holly Reich's profile of Dubai for Romantics.

    Read Holly Reich's profile of Dubai's Most Spectacular Hotel.

    Considered one of the world's most luxurious hotels from the day it opened, Burj Al Arab stands over one thousand feet tall and was built to resemble the sail of a yacht.

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    Burj Al Arab Exterior

    ••• Idyllic Island The exterior of Burj Al Arab Hotel is one of the most distinctive landmarks on Dubai's skyline. (c) Burj Al Arab Hotel.

    Burj Al Arab hotel is located on its own island only about one thousand feet offshore from Dubai. It is among Dubai's most spectacular hotels.

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    Interior View of Burj Al Arab Hotel

    ••• Twice the Height If you're the least bit agoraphobic, don't lean over and look down the 50+ floors for an interior view of Burj al Arab Hotel. © Holly Reich.

    The towering Burj Al Arab only contains 28 floors because each one is double the height of a typical story inside a hotel. Discover more about Dubai's extraordinary hotels.

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    Burj Al Arab Hotel Bedroom

    ••• Ultimate Luxury A bedroom that will make guests feel like royalty, even if they are not. © Holly Reich.

    Luxuriate in rich fabrics and amenities in your bedroom at the Burj Al Arab hotel.

    Each of the 202 duplex suites at Burj Al Arab has floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the water surrounding this offshore property. At guests' fingertips are controls that can close the curtains and adjust the 42" plasma TV. Downstairs awaits a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce to transport guests to their other destinations in Dubai.

    Find out more about Dubai for Romantics.

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    Burj Al Arab Hotel Lobby

    ••• Gilty Pleasures All that glitters in the Burj Al Arab hotel lobby is not gold, but it's a rich environment nonetheless. © Holly Reich.

    A lobby is designed to be a welcoming place... where you don't linger long.

    The discovery of oil (aka liquid gold) in 1966 brought unimaginable riches to the United Arab Emirates. Find out more about visiting Dubai.

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    Burj Al Arab Hotel Restaurant with Aquarium

    ••• These Fish are Not for Dinner You'll feel like you're inside an aquarium at the Burj Al Arab hotel restaurant. © Holly Reich.

    Dining at Al Mahara, one of the restaurants inside Burj Al Arab, starts with a three-minute simulated submarine descent. Then patrons enter and take their seats nearby a floor-to-ceiling saltwater aquarium at the center of the room.

    Explore more of Dubai for Romantics.

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    Burj Al Arab Spa Pool

    ••• Oasis on the Women's Side. (c) Holly Reich.

    The spa at Burj Al Arab is located on the hotel's top floor. Treatment rooms are separated by gender, and there are also separate pools for men and women overlooking the Persian Gulf. Read more about Dubai's spectacular hotels.

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    Ski Dubai: Mall of Emirates Indoor Ski Area

    ••• Snow in the Desert Even at the height of summer, couples can go skiing (indoors) at Dubai's Emirates Mall. © Holly Reich.

    Discover Dubai for Romantics.

    A wonder of engineering opened in 2005, Ski Dubai inside the vast Mall of Emirates is covered with snow year-round. It features five slopes of varying difficulty plus a tow and chairlift. The longest run extends more than 1,300 feet, with a drop of nearly 200 feet.

    There are some 450 high-end retail shops at the Mall of Emirates including Gucci, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Bvlgari, Bottega Veneta, Jimmy Choo, Burberry Prorsum, and famed British department stores Harvey Nichols and Debenhams. And yes, there's even a Starbucks.

    In addition, the Mall of Emirates contains Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, a ski chalet-style hotel with close to 400 rooms; a few of its suites overlook the slopes.

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    Al Maha Resort

    ••• Jewel of the Desert. (c) Al Maha Desert Resort.

    Forty miles into the desert outside of Dubai, Al Maha Resort is named for the Arabian antelope, its appearance signaling to nomads the presence of a nearby oasis.

    The hotel's Bedouin Suites all have a private swimming pool, handcrafted furniture, a king-size bed, satellite TV with a DVD player, dataport, and Bvlgari amenities scent its king-size bath and walk-in shower.

    Find out more about Al Maha and Dubai's other uncommon hotels.

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    Private Outdoor Massage at Al Maha Resort

    ••• Desert Luxury. (c) Al Maha Desert Resort.

    Read the profile of Dubai's most spectacular hotel.

    Treatments at Jamilah Spa & Leisure Center at Al Maha Resort & Spa incorporate dates and frankincense, two ingredients born of the desert.

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    Camel Trek at Al Maha Desert Resort

    ••• Nature Walk. (c) Al Maha Desert Resort.

    Would a camel walk a mile for you? Explore the desert surrounding Al Maha resort in a four-wheel drive or take a guided nature walk on the back of one of these "ships of the desert."

    Discover more about vacationing in Dubai.