Driving on Orlando's Toll Roads

Visiting the area or a Florida resident, one of the biggest advantages to using one of the pre-paid toll programs is convenience. There is a discount for using the system over the pay-per toll option - sometimes around .25 per toll. While these savings of around 25% can add up if you use Florida toll roads often, the best reasons for having a pass in your car is to avoid looking for change at the un-manned toll booths and the time savings by not slowing down for the drive through lanes.

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    Why should I use a pre-paid toll program?

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    1. Discounts - per toll savings can be as high at 25%.
    2. Convenience - no need to keep change in the car for un-manned toll booths or cash in the car for manned toll booths.
    3. Time Savings - most tolls are collect as you drive through toll lanes in which the vehicle does not have to slow down or stop.
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    Will a pre-paid toll transponder from another state work in Florida?

    Currently there are 3 Pre-Paid Toll Programs in Florida, all of which can be used interchangeable on all Florida toll roads and bridges:

    • SunPass - The easiest program to access, SunPass transponders can be purchased at area stores.
    • E-Pass - Designed for the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority. This site focuses on roads in Orange and Seminole Counties.
    • LeeWay -
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    How do the pre-paid toll programs work?

    Once you purchase a transponder - either on-line or from a store, you will need to call and activate it. When it is activated, you add money which can be replenished or you can set up an automatic deduction from a credit card.

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    What if I have a rental car?

    Many companies will ask if you would like to use the pre-paid toll system where tolls can be applied directly to your credit card. If they do not offer the program, a transponder can be purchased for a few dollars at area stores - check the SunPass for locations.

    • What if I go through a toll booth in a rental car without paying or using a pre-paid toll transponder?
      You will be subject to the tolls, fees and charges that are listed in your rental agreement.
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    Current Expressways in the Orlando area include:

    • SR 408, East-West Expressway
      Travels through the center of Orlando, connecting near the intersection on SR 429 and the Florida Turnpike at the west and ending at Highway 50 (Colonial Drive) on the east. Convenient road for getting through downtown Orlando and traveling to Winter Garden to the west and UCF to the east.
    • SR 414, Apopka Expressway
      Designed to improve access from Maitland Blvd. to SR 429.
    • SR 429, Western Beltway
      Travels in a north/south direction just to the west of Orlando. The 429 is a great way to avoid I4 traffic when using the Florida Turnpike or for accessing Walt Disney from anywhere on the western side of Orlando.
    • SR 417, Central Florida Greenway
      Creating an eastern loop around the downtown Orlando area, this toll road connects to I4 just south of SR 536 and again connecting to I4 just north of 46A in Seminole County Sanford. Unlike many of the toll roads in Orlando that only travel east and west, the 417 also travels in a north, south direction on the east side of Orlando and is convenient access for Lake Nona, the University of Central Florida, Seminole County.
    • SR 528, Beachline
      Appropriately named, the 528 is a direct shot out of Orlando to Florida's East Coast Beaches. This is the closest toll road to the Oral ando International Airport and creates a convenient route to International Drive, SeaWorld, Walt Disney World and other attractions and hotels. Connecting to I4 near SeaWorld.