Driving in Scandinavia

Driving Tips for Travelers

Road through Swedish landscape
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If you already know in which Scandinavian country you'll be driving, you can go directly to the country-specific driving tips:
Driving in Sweden
Driving in Norway
Driving in Denmark
Driving in Iceland
Driving in Finland

When you drive in the Scandinavian countries, you will soon notice that they have very similar laws and regulations and the most important driving tips they all have in common are...

  1. Speed Limit: The speed limit for populated areas (50 km/h) and for open country roads (80 km/h) is identical in all Scandinavian countries.
  2. Lights On: Lights need to be on at all times. So don't forget that dipped headlights during the day are a requirement.
  3. Seat Belts: Dont't forget to put on your seat belt, which all Scandinavian countries require.
  4. Drinking: Drunk driving is not tolerated, and acceptable levels are very low. High fines await violators, and drunk driving in Scandinavia will land you in jail.