Driving From Las Vegas to Mesa Verde National Park

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When you fly into Las Vegas you get a bird’s eye view of the American Southwest. You look across the desert and you can imagine yourself out there, lost, looking for direction. Take it easy, that rental car of yours probably has a GPS system and the highways are pretty easy to find. So, if you feel like you want to see America, Las Vegas is the perfect place to base your adventurous journey.

You’ll check into your posh hotel and then embark on a few days of exploring.

Grab a map, some energy bars and plenty of water because with so many National Parks to see you will find it hard to pick just one. While some of these parks seem like a long distance away remember that you will be driving through some very picturesque desert landscapes as well as a few alpine passes for some of the farther destinations. Grab a camera because you'll take home plenty of memories.

Mesa Verde National Park from Las Vegas
514 miles – 8 hours of driving
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Mesa Verde National Park will fascinate you simply because you have to try to understand a different civilization and then you have to try to figure out where these people went. The ruins of the Anasazi are very impressive cliff dwellings that will inspire you to get over your fear of heights. To look across ravines to the ruins or to stand inside these ancient pueblos is simply remarkable.

Climb the ladder to Balcony House or crawl between rocks to get to Cliff Palace and you’ll begin to imagine how these ancient people lived. There are over 4,000 known archeological sites and over 600 cliff dwellings in the park

How is the drive from Las Vegas to Mesa Verde national Monument? 
When you drive through Monument Valley and head toward the Four Corners area of the Southwest you will find it hard not to stop and take plenty of pictures. The vast open space of the American Southwest is on full display as the red rocks surround you and the Navajo people welcome you.

Things To See Driving from Las Vegas to Mesa Verde National Park
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area 
Kanab, Utah
Four Corners Monument
Monument Valley

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