Top Things to Do in Downtown Akron

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    Explore the Akron Art Museum

    Akron Art Museum
    ••• Akron Art Museum. (sleepydre/WikiCommons)

    The recently renovated and expanded Akron Art Museum is 12,000 sq feet of galleries containing art collections dating back to 1850 until today. Revolving art exhibits are also on display. There are exciting and enlightening programs available for every age group.

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    Enjoy Lock 3 Park

    Skating at Lock 3 Park
    ••• Skating at Lock 3 Park. (Kevin T. Quinn/

    Lock 3 Park is your entertainment headquarters year-round in downtown Akron. During the summer, enjoy Lock 3 Live! concerts & festivals in the outdoor amphitheater and Homegrown Saturdays for locally grown products, plants, and flowers. During the Winter, enjoy outdoor skating and festivals including the popular German Christmas Market.

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    Attend an Event at the J.S. Knight Center

    J. S. Knight Center
    ••• J. S. Knight Center. (sleepyre/WIkiCommons)

    The John S. Knight Center is the downtown Akron destination for concerts, shows, lavish galas, and more year-round. The facility is well laid out with three stunning exhibit and ballroom spaces. Popular shows include the Akron Home & Flower Show, Holiday Tree Festival, and Healthy Baby Fair.

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    Attend a Performance at E.J. Thomas Hall

    E. J. Thomas Hall
    ••• E. J. Thomas Hall. (sleepydre/WikiCommons)

    Enjoy world-class entertainment in downtown Akron’s E.J. Thomas Hall. The performing arts complex and cultural center is home to a variety of performances year-round including Broadway musicals, ballets, comedies, lectures, entertainers, and special events.

    This venue is also home to The Akron Symphony Orchestra, Tuesday Musical Association, Children’s Concert Society, and Akron Youth Symphony.


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    See the Nutcracker and More at Akron Civic Theater

    Akron Civic Theater
    ••• Akron Civic Theater. (Robbie Schneider/WikiCommons)

    The Akron Civic Theater is one of the last theaters in the country that is atmospheric, where you experience the twinkling star-lit sky and moving clouds on the ceiling. It is an ornate, gorgeous hall that is host to a variety of shows, concerts, ballet, films, and events throughout the year. It's rumored to be haunted, too.

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    Cheer on the Akron Aeros

    Canal Park in Akron
    ••• Canal Park in Akron. (Tom Whitten/

    Catch an Akron RubberDucks baseball game in downtown Akron’s Canal Park. This minor league team has held the “Team of the Year” title by "Baseball America" and has won Eastern League Championship five times (most recently in 2003 and 2005). You will be entertained by an all-star team in a convenient small-town setting.

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    Enjoy the menu at the historic Lockview

    The Lockview in Akron
    ••• The Lockview in Akron. (Clay Larsen/

    The Lockview is fast becoming a favorite ‘after event’ spot for Akronites. The eatery markets themselves as a casual, relaxing gathering place for authentic traditional foods, with an impressive selection of wines and imported beers. Stop by after your next event in downtown Akron. 

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    Savor Crave

    Dinner at Crave
    ••• Dinner at Crave. (Jim Reynolds/

    Eat, drink, and crave in downtown Akron’s CRAVE. Crave is all about enjoy favorite foods in a casual, yet fun and eccentric setting. With two chefs, they have combined their talents to provide you with all of the foods you crave with a new, flavorful twist. 

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    Tip a Brew at 69 Taps

    At 69 Taps
    ••• At 69 Taps. (Amanda/

    69 Taps is a casual place to hang out with friends that is open every day of the year, including holidays. Of course they offer a list of 69 beers available all the time, with the list changing on demand. 

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    Shop at Rubber City Clothing

    Rubber City Clothing
    ••• Rubber City Clothing in Historic Downtown Akron. (courtesy of Rubber City Clothing)

    Rubber City Clothing has a trendy boutique in historic downtown Akron. They offer a whole line of tee-shirts, hoodies, caps, and apparel for men, women and children with Akron logos and phrases. The clothing line is fun and edgy, great for Akronites and for souvenir gifts. 

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    Visit the Peanut Shoppe

    ••• (Martin L/

    Located across from Lock 3 Park and the Akron Civic Theater, the Peanut Shoppe has been an Akron institution since the 1930s. The aroma of roasting nuts that comes rolling out the door whenever it opens is enough by itself to draw you inside. However, once you say yes to a sample, you'll join the store's legions of fans in Summit County and beyond.

    The Peanut Shoppe also offers an assortment of chocolates and hard candy, by the piece or by the pound. 

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    Marvel at the Displays at the Akron Police Museum

    Akron Police Museum - Akron Ohio
    ••• Akron Police Museum. (© 2007 C. Orley; licensed to About, Inc.)

    Located inside the Harold K. Stubbs Justice Center in downtown Akron, the Akron Police Museum tells the story of this more than 100-year-old police force. Displays include vintage photographs, items confiscated in famous crimes, a 1965 Harley-Davidson police motorcycle and a variety of old police uniforms. it's free to visit and a fascinating spot for young and not-so-young alike.

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    American Toy Marble Museum

    ••• (Wayne Davies/

    Located at Lock 3 Park, this unique museum sits on the site of the American Marble and Toy Manufacturing Company, which was one of the world's leading makers of toy marbles from the late 19th century through the mid 20th century. The museum features an array of vintage toys and other curiosities, such as the oldest figurine of Santa in existence. 

    The American Toy Marble Museum is open daily during the summer and on weekends only during the winter. Admission is free. Groups can arrange tours at other times by calling the museum.