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Arizona Cities Establish Domestic Partner Registry

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In Phoenix, Arizona a Domestic Partner Registry identifies a relationship that grants visitation rights to a domestic partner in any health-care facility in Phoenix. Medical powers of attorney or advance directives do not guarantee visitation rights to domestic partners who are not family members. Only family members have visitation rights if there is no registered domestic partnership.

Technically, no other rights are conferred by this registry. An additional advantage of registration may be that it could serve as proof to employers who recognize domestic partnerships for benefit purposes.

Although the registry is often thought of as being an accommodation for gay and lesbian couples, there are many heterosexual couples, living together in a committed relationship but not married, who can avail themselves of the registry.

Finally, no one is required to register; it is simply an option. The registry in Phoenix began accepting applicants on February 9, 2009.

Prerequisites for Phoenix Domestic Partner Registry

  1. Both partners must reside within the City of Phoenix.
  2. Both partners have to be present to register.
  3. Both partners must have valid photo ID issued by a government agency within the U.S. that includes name, date of birth, weight, height and hair and eye color.
  4. The couple may be same-sex or opposite-sex.
  5. Both partners must share a residence in Phoenix.
  6. Neither partner may be married to or in a civil union with anyone else.
  7. Both partners must be at least 18 years old.
  8. Partners may not be blood relatives.

Even if you are already registered in another city or state, you must register again in the City of Phoenix for the purposes of this registry.

When the couple registers, a Declaration of Domestic Partnership must be completed, affirmed and signed by both applicants in the presence of a City Clerk notary. The registered domestic partners each receive a copy of the completed Declaration of Domestic Partnership document with the official City of Phoenix seal.

Either partner may terminate the domestic partnership registration by completing an application available at the City of Phoenix.

There is a non-refundable registration fee. This registry is for the City of Phoenix only. It is not an Arizona registry and other cities within the Greater Phoenix area are not bound by it.

For more information, contact the Phoenix City Clerk Department at 602-262-6811.

Where else in Arizona is there a Domestic Partner Registry?

Tucson also has a process for recognizing civil unions: City of Tucson

Keep in mind that while the concepts are similar to the Phoenix registry, specific requirements may differ among cities.

All requirements and offerings mentioned here are subject to change without notice.

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