7 Domestic Airline Perks on Flights in the USA

Find out which airlines offer pet frequent flyer miles or free checked bags

More and more airlines are upgrading their amenities programs to attract flyers at no extra charge to travelers. We’re not talking about the benefits gained while flying business class because economy has its perks too. While free snacks are a recent added bonus on many domestic flights, it’s not going to cut it as a deciding factor on which airline to book travel with. Now carriers are adding bigger perks along the lines of mileage accounts for pets and a luggage tracker so your bags never get lost in the travel shuffle. These seven airlines are upping their game when it comes to economy make your next flight as smooth as possible. 

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    The Perk: Travel Points for Your Pet

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    Airline: JetBlue

    Details: Pets have become a huge part of Americans' lives, so it was a smart move on JetBlue’s part to create a travel point system for your pet. JetPaws is a free program that allows your furry friend to earn up to 300 TrueBlue points on each flight. Flying with pets just got a little cheaper.

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    The Perk: A Luggage Tracker Mobile App

    Airline: Delta

    Details: Let’s face it; apart from canceled flights, losing your luggage is one of the most frustrating travel scenarios. Delta feels your pain and just launched a luggage-tracking tool on their mobile app. It allows travelers to actually see the location of their luggage on a map and follow their bag along its journey via pins, with the last known location identified by a suitcase icon.

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    The Perk: Meals Created by Top Chefs

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    Airline: Hawaiian Airlines

    Details: Thai-born Chef Chai Chaowasaree is an award-winning chef and restaurateur who is now creating all of the seasonally- and locally- inspired menus aboard Hawaiian Airlines. Rather than eating some sort of mystery meat, you might dine on ginger chicken with seasonal vegetables and white rice and enjoy a guava cookie for dessert. Hawaiian Airlines also offers a brunch menu before 10 am. Bring on the mimosas, please!

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    The Perk: The Fastest WiFi in the Air

    Airline: Virgin America

    Details: Virgin America was the first and is still the only U.S. airline to offer inflight WiFi service on all of its mainland flights, along with power outlets at every seat. The airline's WiFi partner ViaSat is eight to 10 times faster than any other inflight WiFi system and provides guests speeds similar to what they have at home, so you can stream your latest binge-worthy show with no interruptions. 

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    The Perk: Two Free Checked Bags

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    Airline: Southwest

    Details: We’ve all been there: You’re checking your bag that’s exactly one pound overweight and you have to open your suitcase in front of everyone in line to pare down a few random things and lighten your load. Well, this travel fail won’t happen anymore if you fly with Southwest. The airline allows for two free checked bags, so you’ll never have to say no to buying a few extra souvenirs. Even your skis and bicycle bags fly free.

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    The Perk: More Entertainment Options

     Airline: American Airlines  

    Details: American Airlines offers the latest episodes of Game of Thrones. While many may think that’s a perk in itself, the airline also offers the largest library of complimentary inflight entertainment, including hundreds of movies and shows among U.S. carriers. This means you can use your air time to catch up on many of your favorite shows you might have missed at home.

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    The Perk: Gourmet Coffee

    Airline: United  

    Details: There's nothing like a fancy cup of coffee to make even the most crowded flight seem a little more decadent—and to wake you up when taking the red-eye. Gone are the days when we have to sip watered-down coffee aboard a domestic flight. United has partnered with illy Premium Coffee to serve their dark roast to over 200,000 flyers every single day.