20 Air Travel Necessities You Can Buy At A Dollar Store

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As a regular traveler, there are things that one must carry, whether it's for a weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland, or flying across the globe to Singapore.  When you travel, you want to spend your money on more important things, like a better hotel or great souvenirs at your destination.

There are bargains abound to buy those air travel necessities, including  Dollar Tree. For the uninitiated, this is a store that sells everything for one dollar or less.  Items range from holiday decor/ornaments to baby supplies, to arts and crafts items, to books, to kitchen wares, to electronics, to food So before you take your next trip, check out 20 travel-related necessities you can buy at Dollar Tree.

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     Depending on where you go, you may need an umbrella to guard against rain or beating sun. There are plenty to choose from, including tiny ones that fit into a purse.

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    Rain Ponchos

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    If there's rain, you'll need an umbrella (see item #1). And if you want to protect your clothes, consider buying this roomy poncho that fits most sizes.

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    Block out the noise -- cheaply -- with earbuds from Dollar Tree. They can't compare to something like these Shure 215 Sound Isolating Earphones, but they will do if you want to save money.

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    Portable Dental Floss Sticks

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     You don't always want to whip out a string of dental floss while you're traveling. So these pre-flossed sticks are a good alternative. And if you have braces, the tip of the stick is good for dislodging food.

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    Duct Tape

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    Duct tape is a traveler's best friend. For $1, it can be used for everything from fixing a damaged piece of luggage to using it for an emergency hemming of a dress or a pair of pants.

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    Germophobes would be horrified at all the places nasty stuff can hide on a plane. As such, you need protection, and this set of three travel-sized hand sanitizers are your best friend. Scents come in neutral, lavender and lemon.

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    If you have allergies or are traveling with a cold, you cannot travel without tissues. Dollar Tree offers this package of eight travel-sized packs of tissues that fit into a carry-on. 

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    Most cosmetics are in glass containers or are too large to bring in carry-on bags. So this set of three TSA-friendly two-inch plastic cosmetic jars can hold wet and dry items. 

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    If you travel with kids, you know they need to be amused. And the best place to get things like coloring and activity books, along with crayons and colored pencils, is Dollar Tree. And if they are lost or damaged, you can always buy more.

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    Sleep Mask/Socks

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    Remember when they used to give these out on long-haul coach flights? Not anymore.  But you can still feel like you’re sitting in first class when you buy both of these items at Dollar Tree!

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    TSA-approved travel bottles

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    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) can get very picky about the size of travelers' liquids. This package of three 3-oz bottles are handy for carrying everything from facial cleanser to hand lotion. You can get a set with a spray bottle or a pump bottle.

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    You can buy 8-packs of Sunbeam or Rayovac AA and AAA batteries. They aren’t alkaline, but they do last a pretty good amount of time. You can also get 4-packs of Panasonic alkaline batteries for that same dollar. 

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    Manicure Set

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    You get a set of nail clippers and two emery boards in a small size that fit into your purse. You can also buy nail polish remover pads and cheap nail polish in case you need an emergency touch-up.

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    Water Bottle

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    You can’t take water past security, but you can buy this bottle and fill it up once you’ve cleared the checkpoint. You can also ask a flight attendant (nicely) to fill it for you on long-haul flights.  

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    Lip Balm

    It gets dry in an aircraft, so you need to keep moisturized. You can get two lip balms in different flavors and SPF 15 at your friendly Dollar Tree, one to keep in the purse and one to keep in the toiletries bag!

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    Medical Items

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    You can buy Ibuprofen, aspirin, cold medicine, cough drops, generic Neosporin, a first aid kit, band aids, antacids, melatonin strips (great for combating jetlag) and cold/hot pads in case your back or knee acts up.

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    You can get these four to a pack. They’re great to use to freshen up after a red-eye or long-haul flight, because who wants to smell your bad breath? Use one of your three-ounce bottles (see item #11) and fill it with mouthwash.

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    Baby Wipes

    These are a universal travel tool. They can refresh your face after a long flight. They can clean a tray table or other surfaces. You can clean your hands after eating the meal you brought aboard. And they fit nicely in a plastic sandwich bag.

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    Travel Vacuum Bags

    Use these to pack and compress your clothes so you can get more into your checked and carry-on bag. You can also buy an extra tote bag just in case your bag is too full.

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