Take Your Dog to Las Vegas at Vdara Hotel & Spa

The Vdog treatment will pamper your pooch

A dog sitting on a Vdog blanket

 Courtesy of Vdara Hotel & Spa

If waking up with your dog is part of your everyday ritual, Vdara Hotel & Spa in Las Vegas wants you and your dog to take in the Las Vegas strip. Yes, you can take your dog to Las Vegas. The Vdog program at Vdara allows you to travel with your dog and you can bet that your pooch will be pampered.

Upon check in your dog will get a goodie bag with snacks and a blanket so soft that you might attempt to claim it as your own. You will get details on the 24 hour dog park along with some eco-friendly waste bags to help keep things tidy around the walking trail. All the little extras that make your canine vacation extra special are included..

Bringing your dog with you to Las Vegas will cost you an additional $50 per night and you are allowed 1 dog no greater than 70 pounds or two dogs equaling the same weight. The Vdara hotel is a non-gaming property so your dog will not be subject to the loud distractions of a casino or the oppressive cigarette smoke. They will be treated to a luxurious boutique hotel experience. If you want to risk pampering your pooch, Vdara Hotel’s Dog friendly program is perfect for you.

Highlights of Vdara Hotel Vdog Program

  • 24 hour dog park at Vdara Hotel – Right across from Vdara Valet your dog can get in a little exercise in the 24 hour dog park and Memorial Park offers a walking trail to help stretch those doggy legs. All this done under the shadow of Aria Las Vegas and Nancy Rubin’s “Big Edge” art installation. It will be difficult to believe that you are steps away from the Las Vegas strip as you take in the sunshine and interact with your dog in this spot so close to the hotel lobby.
  • Vdog In-Suite Dining Menu –Yes, your dog will have a feast, room service style with the Vdog treatment. The "Fetch of the Day" features a sumptuous seared fillet with sweet potatoes, green beans and yellow squash and the Chicken a la Coop, consists of hormone-free baked chicken with whole grain brown rice. The rollover is an entrée of chicken and beef sautéed with fresh vegetables and orzo pasta. I’m not sure it is fit for the foodies in your family but in a pinch I could see myself battling for scraps with a dog for the gourmet eats. All you do is touch a button on the phone in your room and room service brings up some grub for your pup.
  • Pet Sitting and Crates – If you decide to take in some of the great stuff Las Vegas has to offer, you can actually get pet sitting services at Vdara. Call the Vdara Concierge and they come right up and chill out with your dog. Also, they provide crates for the times when you want to go out and have some Las Vegas fun but don’t want to come back to a wrecked hotel room.

After all this pampering your dog might start acting like an obnoxious cat. You know how that can be. Soon your dog will demand room service and doggie treats in front of the television. You have been warned, pampering your pet comes with some dire consequences. If you are ready for that, start planning your dog vacation.

Need more info on Vdog at Vdara Hotel & Spa, check out their website.

Why Would You Choose Vdara Hotel and Casino?

If you like the idea of going to Las Vegas but you want to minimize your time in the casino, Vdara hotel has a boutique feeling that allows you the proximity to Las Vegas excitement with a barrier from the crazy that comes with it. Don’t worry; you can still take advantage of all that is good about Las Vegas when staying at Vdara Hotel.

Dining Options

You are 5 minute walking distance from Bellagio, Aria and Cosmopolitan. In fact a tram will even take you to Monte Carlo Hotel. Top five dining options from Vdara would be: Five50 Pizza Bar the Aria Buffet.

Entertainment Options

Right outside your door the ability to have Las Vegas fun is in abundance but if you need some ideas I would suggest Zarkana at Aria, “O” at Bellagio, The Blue Man Group at Monte Carlo and Rose. Rabbit.Lie at Cosmopolitan. You really cannot go wrong with any of those shows.

Nightlife Options

Even though you choose the quiet comfort of Vdara don’t fret about whether or not you will have something to do once the sun goes down. Personally, I can sit at Bar Vdara and indulge in cocktails but you can check out Lily Lounge at Bellagio or HAZE at ARIA or dance the night away at Marquee at Cosmopolitan.

Things to Do

If you still think you need more ideas on things to do when you are staying at Vdara Hotel consider the public art at City Center. You’ll see the sculpture outside the front door of the hotel but take a walking tour of CityCenter and you’ll quickly realize that this collection is as impressive as they come. Bellagio is an option when you consider the World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain, The Conservatory and Gardens, the Chihuly glass sculptures, Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art and The Fountains right on the Las Vegas strip.

Do you need more ideas? A spa treatment at Vdara Spa, Bellagio or Aria Spa will change your perspective on relaxation and a pool day at Vdara will allow you to finally finish that novel you have been trying to read for 5 months.

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