Dog Water Bowls and Paw Protectors

Keep Your Dog Safe in Summer Heat

If your dog spends any time outside in the desert heat of summer, there are some supplies that you should consider to make sure that your dog has fresh, clean water at all times.

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Portable Water Bowl

Travel Water Bowl for Dogs
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Collapsible water bowl. Made of durable fabric and can be folded. Waterproof interior to hold liquids and nylon outer-lining. Zips open and transforms into a food or water bowl. Easy to clean and fully washable. Great for walks or hiking with your pet where you know there is a water supply available.

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Pet Fountain

Drinking Fountain for Pets
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Provides a stream of fresh, clean water. Simply fill fountain with water, place on a flat, even surface, and plug in. Water pouring into basin recycles back through filter and aerates continually.

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Portable Pet Water Bowl

Water Bottle for Dogs
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Great for short trips or walks. Fill the bottle with water and when it's time for a drink, pop the stopper and water fills the attached bowl.

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Ultra Paws Dog Boot

Paw Protectors
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Rugged boot with closures, suitable for walking, running or hiking.

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All Weather Dog Booties
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These are all-weather dog booties. Not only good for icy, cold conditions, these can protect your dog's paws when you have to take him out in the desert heat. You can also use them when taking the dog to visit people who have hardwood floors!

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