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Not everyone can keep their dog in the house all day while they are off to work. Some dogs spend some time out in the yard. The summer heat in the desert can be especially dangerous to dogs, so if you must leave your dog outside, make sure that shade and plenty of water is available within the dog's reach. Here are some products you can buy to keep your dog out of the sun and as cool as possible on hot days.

Special warning about dogs left outside: You should never tether a dog on a short rope or chain in intense heat, a storm or very cold weather (yes, we have that). The City of Phoenix even added an ordinance about this to their City Code (Section 8-3.08).

More Warnings

  • Dogs should never be left outside, even in a shaded area, for extended periods of time when the temperatures are over 100°F unless there is a cooling system for the dog's crate or pen. 
  • Summer is a dangerous time for children and dogs who are left in cars. If you can't leave the car running with the air conditioner on, and you can't take the dog with you into the store or bar, please leave the dog home.
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    Portable, easy to store, and sure to make a water-loving pup happy. Comes in several sizes.

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    All-season paw protection. Easy adjustable velcro closures. 4-pack.

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    Make sure that your pet has plenty of fresh water all the time, especially during the hot summer months. Different sizes, designs and filter options are available.


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    Fill the Canine Cooler with water. The water is absorbed by a memory foam. Dogs can lie on it for hours since it remains dry and continues to provide coolness. The Canine Cooler stays room temperature, generally about 68-78 degrees. Not intended for outdoor use.

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    Dogs can stay cool while paying in the park or hiking in the desert. Uses evaporative cooling to keep dogs cool with three-layer construction.

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    This attractive dog pen has two levels, and one side has a shade cover. It has a pitched roof with quarter panels that fold open from above. Your dog will love having its bed on the elevated level!

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    For the car. Made of see-through material. Retractable vinyl shade protects from harmful UV rays. Suction-cup mount, adjustable touch button release.

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    This easy-to-transport bed for your dog has a shade cover, but I wouldn't assume that you could leave your dog with this in your yard during the summer heat without any other protection. I would recommend it for camping trips or visits to the relatives' yard.

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    You can provide a mister for your pet, or place the misting fan near your dog's pen. Great for pets that are left outdoors for long periods of time. Requires proximity to electrical outlet and access to a hose. It will get the area wet, but your dog may love that.

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    Have a pool? The Skamper-Ramp offers animals, which have had the misfortune of accidentally falling into your pool, a way out before they have succumbed to drowning by exhaustion. Skamper Ramp provides an exit route for animals up to approximately 30 lbs. For larger animals up to 70 lbs. a Super Skamper Ramp is available.

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