Does the Kansas City International Airport Have a Scanner?

What to Expect on Your Flight From Kansas

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If you're going to be departing from Kansas City International Airport, it's worth knowing that the airport does have scanners at airport security. 

Specifically, airport security has millimeter wave and backscatter imaging devices implemented as a security screening measure by the TSA and Homeland Security back in 2008 across the U.S. You'll most likely have heard of them in the news several years ago, as they caused quite a furor when they were introduced.

The machines allow a TSA agent to see what's beneath your clothes, in order to see if you're carrying anything you shouldn't be on your body. 

Where Are the Scanners Located?

When you arrive at the airport, you'll have to check in for your flight, drop your luggages, and then head straight to security. The scanning process takes place at these airport security checkpoints, and you have to pass through the scanners in order to board your flight. 

Kansas City's airport has a few metal detectors, but if you want to "opt out" of the AIT scanner, you may have to take a patdown. We've gotten the patdown thing bunches of times; it's not heinous, but the TSA agent can be quite "handsy." The full body scanners aren't a big deal, though. It's over within three seconds and then you'll be through. I opt for them to save money and don't worry about anyone having to see my unclothed body in a screen -- it's all for my security after all.


How to Prepare for Airport Security

My least favorite part of travel days is having to pass through airport security, because it's always a bit of a hassle. There are a few things you can do in advance to make passing through security quick and easy. 

The first thing is to dress for airport security, by avoiding wearing anything you'll have to remove.

You'll be expected to remove belts, jackets, and sweaters, as well as sunglasses, hats, and shoes. I always wear flip-flops to the airport (provided it isn't cold out) and opt for thick clothing rather than layers, so I don't have to take them off when passing through.

Liquids can always be a painful process, so I always make sure that I sort my liquids and gels from the rest of my hand luggage when I'm packing my bags for my flight, and make sure they're small enough to take on the flight, and that they all fit within a small, clear bag for passing through security. 

I also remove my laptop and any other technology from my carry-on bag when queueing to go through security, as you'll have to have that scanned separately. 

Provided you have complied with all airport security rules and have packed your liquids and gels in three ounce containers and in the correct sort of plastic sandwich baggie, and are not attempting to smuggle any weapons or bomb-making materials aboard in the form of, ahem, Swiss army knives on your keychain or a full-sized tube of toothpaste, you'll be able to collect your belongings and get on the plane.

Don't forget your laptop, which you'll have had to take out of your backpack and send through the x-ray machine separately from your other belongings; fortunately, you're unlikely to forget your shoes.

So, if you wanted to know whether the Kansas Airport has scanners because if you're among those who don't want images of your naked body being beamed from the backscatter x-ray machine, you'll now know you should arrive early for your flight. It will take longer to pass through security if you opt out, as the security agents will have reason to be suspicious of why you want to avoid it. 

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