Senior Citizens in Arizona

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Although the Arizona property taxes can be quiet high, the state does not charge a tax on Social Security benefits, making Arizona a popular destination for retiring elderly citizens, but other than tax breaks, seniors can also enjoy a number of discounts and special offers on attractions, entertainment, shopping, and dining.

A number of cities even feature entire days devoted to reducing the price of local goods for the elderly, like Senior Discount Days in Phoenix, while some other towns and counties offer discounts on public transportation for residents and guests over the age of 65—just check in with a customer service person when purchasing your tickets.

There are also a number of Senior Centers spread across the state offering activities and programs, meals at significantly reduced prices, and even special events. In short, if you're planning to retire to Arizona, or just trying to take a vacation as a senior citizen, there are a number of benefits that will directly help reduce your expenses in the state.

State Taxes and Senior Benefits

Homeowners in Maricopa County who meet certain income restrictions and valuations limits may have the level of their property taxes frozen or may receive certain exemptions, and all residents of the state do not have to pay a tax on Social Security benefits.

However, retirement income and pensions are taxable in Arizona, and the only income tax benefit that is based on age only applies to personal exemptions for those that are 65 or older. Additionally, there is no discount on auto registration for seniors, nor is there a break on the personal property tax they pay each year on their vehicles.

Still, HuffPost did name Arizona one of the most tax-friendly states for seniors in 2014 for not having estate, inheritance, gift, or Social Security benefits tax, which greatly helps reduce the amount of taxes taken out of seniors' annual retirement earnings. This, coupled with reduced prices for things like attractions and dining out can really help prevent seniors from moving to or visiting the state going broke during their retirement.

Discounts on Attractions and Dining

From the beautiful National Parks like the Grand Canyon to obscure attractions like the Meteor Crater, Arizona is full of popular destinations for senior citizens, many of which offer discounts to those 55 (or 65, depending) and over.

City Departments of Tourism often offer a special list of activities that are especially enjoyable to the elderly, like the town of Sedona, which offers a Guide for Active Seniors including a tour of the Red Rocks by air balloon, wine adventures, and discounts to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park.

Most major restaurants in Arizona cities also offer a discount for the elderly's meals, all you have to do is either present your AARP card (at participating locations) or tell your waiter or waitress that you've reached the golden age of your life and would like to know whether or not the establishment offers a price reduction for being over 65.

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